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  1. M

    Thomas Andrews actions during sinking

    This is the most likely scenario in my point of view. At times, before one goes to take the decisive action, he or she goes somewhere aside to gather his or her thoughts before going to act. And this might have been the case of Thomas Andrews. I still insist on my opinion of Tommie, as he was...
  2. Luca

    Answered Who saw Thomas Andrews in the First Class smoking room during the sinking?

    It is often said Thomas Andrews was last seen at the fireplace in the Titanic's first class smoking room, but who saw him there?
  3. Jessie M.

    The Breakup from the Inside Out

    So I don't know if they've got an account on here or not, but the Gentlemen who are currently working on Titanic: Honor and Glory have actually created quite a few tear jerking shorts (Some of which I know for a fact are spread around here). One of their Shorts, titled Belfast Air , has got me...
  4. Mark Chirnside

    Thomas Andrews' Advice

    'Never give information unless you are perfectly sure; better to say you are not sure, but will look the matter up'. (Thomas Andrews, 1905)
  5. M

    Telling the Passengers and Crew Immediately

    I've always found one of the the most powerful scenes in the 97 film is when Thomas Andrews shortly after reporting to the bridge crew and Ismay that 'No matter what you do Titanic will flounder' is walking through the Grand Staircase still in shock. Rose pulls him aside and he admits to her...
  6. Kyle Naber

    Did Thomas Andrews Think that the Ship would Capsize?

    Thomas Andrews gave the Titanic about an hour less than she actually stayed afloat. Do you think this is because he thought the ship would tip over and capsize at some point? Nearly every other ship that sinks rolls over on its side, but Titanic went almost straight down on a level keel (besides...
  7. Christophe Puttemans

    Inaccuracies in Andrews' testimony

    Thomas Andrews never managed to make a testimony of what he saw on the Titanic, because he died in the sinking. But apparently, he reincarnated as William "Bill" Barnes. Bill has always been haunted by memories of a sinking four-funneled ship and heavily reacted on seeing the 1953 film Titanic...
  8. A

    Thomas Andrews' Britannic involvement

    Did Mr. Andrews have a hand in any of the design specifications for Britannic?
  9. A

    Titanic: Mrs Thomas Andrews

    Greetings fellow Titanic enthusiasts! Is anyone here familiar with Denise Vanaria and her shows? She travels the U.S. And lectures on our favorite ship in character as Mrs. Andrews. An example of her show can be seen here: I will be joining her for a few shows...
  10. M

    The most accurate portrayal of Mr Andrews in the movies?

    Hi all. There has been a lot of Titanic movies, which included Thomas Andrews, or, should I say in a polite way, Mr Andrews. There were some as well,where Andrews was omitted, but that is not the subject of this poll. Which movie offered in your opinion the most accurate portrayal of...
  11. R

    "Thomas Andrews": a Titanic short story

    There is an incredible lack (in my opinion) of Titanic-related historical fiction which dares to use historical characters. In fact, apart from the dramatic scenes Charles Pellegrino weaves into his technically non-fiction Titanic books, I cannot think of a single Titanic novel that has an...
  12. J

    Thomas Andrews' Notebook from H&W

    I noticed on the old board that there was a topic regarding H&W having this item for sale, but getting pulled. I'm happy to say that I purchased a copy of this back in 99. It's a 56 page photocopied, bound booklet, that includes a set of plans in plate format. It's very interesting as it...
  13. pdxtitanic

    Question on Andrew's Cabin

    Friends: I understand that Thomas Andrews was in cabin A-36. I know there was a door that led to the hallway, which was close to the first class smoking room. What I don't know is this: was there a door to the promenade deck from his cabin? How big were the windows that looked out on the...
  14. K

    What if Thomas Andrews miscalculated the damage

    Let's say Thomas Andrews didn't think the damage was enough to sink the ship. Captain Smith then orders half ahead to try and limp into New York. What do you think would've happened then? I think that people would've gone back to bed and boiler rooms 5 and 6 would be evacuated. Then, the in...
  15. S

    Thomas Andrews' Brogue or Lack Thereof

    Hello everyone, I was wondering about Thomas Andrerws and his dialect. He was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland and worked there in his adult years too. It would make sense but I am just double checking, did Andrews speak with an Irish broag as was portrayed in the 1997 film...
  16. M

    Thomas Andrews and Dunallon

    Hi All, I'm fairly new and haven't posted much, but I think this group may be the best source of a question that's plaguing me. I'm writing a novel about Thomas Andrews, which is why I'm looking for answers to esoteric questions. In his biography of Andrews, Shan Bullock on page 2, mentions...
  17. C

    Thomas Andrews

    I am looking for information of Thomas Andrews and Ms. Mary Sloan. What happened to Mr. Andrews daughter, Elizabeth? I got informations that she died in a car accident, but when? When did his wife (Helen Andrews) marry again? Thanks Christina H. [email protected]
  18. T

    Victor Garber and Thomas Andrews

    Am I the only person who thinks that Victor Garber was fantastic in that role? Some people knock it because they think that they were trying to portray Andrews as overly heroic. I disagree. How much of his scenes in the movie are based on real fact? The only scene I know for sure is true is the...
  19. S

    Thomas Andrews' Prime Minister brother

    I just found out that Thomas Andrews' brother John was Prime Minister of Northern Ireland from 1940-43. I was at the Stormont Parliament building outside Belfast last week after Titanic week and the politician who showed me round mentioned that Thomas Andrews' family was also involved in...
  20. P

    What if Thomas Andrews had not been aboard

    I got this from a section in the RINA report a few years back. If Thomas Andrews had not been aboard, would Captain Smtih et al have realised as soon as they did that the ship was doomed? Paul