thomas andrews

  1. L

    Thomas Andrew's watch

    I found this picture on the web and it got me to wondering, was Andrew's watch ever found?
  2. S

    Pirrie and Andrews

    All, I do not know where to put this, so I will put it here until moved. When Pirrie told Andrews to go instead of him due to his cold..when would this had happend? The day or two before sailing I would think. Steve Krienke [email protected]
  3. L

    Thomas Andrews and Painting

    Does anyone know where I can find a picture of the painting Andrews was seen looking at in the smoking room? Thanks
  4. D

    Did Thomas Andrews know the ship would split?

    Im just curious , after Andrews predicted the ship would founder and working out how long she would last ect.Would of he have ever thought or known that the ship would break in half?.Maybe he knew and kept it to himself? or maybe he never thought that would happen.What do others think on...
  5. Mark Chirnside

    Thomas Andrews' "summons"

    Hi! I have often seen it reported that Thomas Andrews was 'summoned' or 'requested' to go to the bridge by Captain Smith following the collision. It appears in a number of books and articles. While I came to believe that this was a myth following a discussion with George Behe some years back...
  6. Mark Chirnside

    Thomas Andrews Biography by Stephen Cameron

    Hi, Pardon my ignorance. A quick search revealed nothing in the board archives. I've heard a lot in the past about this book -- first publication was to be late 1999, then summer 2000, then 2001. What has become of it? Best regards, Mark.
  7. T

    Thomas Andrews action figure with the kung fu grip

    A few years back I aquired the Thoams Andrews and Molly brown dolls/action figures. Was there a Bruce Ismay in the series?
  8. D

    Comber the birthplace of Thomas Andrews

    Hi guys, I'm new to this fantastic website, I can't believe just how much info is on it! I am the webmaster of Welcome to Comber - - a community website. Some of you may be interested in visiting the site as I have an article on Thomas Andrews written by James...
  9. A

    Thomas Andrews after the collision

    How do we actually know that Andrews didn't feel the collision? He had put so much effort in bringing Titanic to life, she was his ship, so you would think that an experienced ship builder like himself would have felt the life threatening collison. Who was sent to get him? I know that in...
  10. L

    Looking for Thomas Andrews photograph

    I am searching for a rather obscure photograph for a paper I am researching. I found it quite some time ago while surfing the net; however I failed to note the URL and cannot locate it now. It is a group portrait of several apprentices from Harland and Wolff. The young men in the front row...
  11. J

    Thomas Andrews

    From what I have read about Thomas Andrews and his involvement with the inspection of any complaints from the crew. Plus inspecting the damage and in forming Captain Smith and others about it. I can't figure out if he was a Passenger, Crew/Officer on Titanic. Can someone tell me what his row was...
  12. N

    Mr. Thomas Andrews

    I know this sounds a bit vague but has anyone got any interesting facts about Thomas Andrews.I am trying to collect some background info on him and his past life before Titanic. Nick.
  13. J

    Home of Thomas Andrews found

    dear titanic fans it is with great pleasure to tell you that the home used by thomas andrews during the building of the titanic has been found by two titanic slueths in belfast and also to commemerate the 90th anniversary of the launch of the titanic from belfast there will be a big celebration...
  14. M

    Thomas Andrews Photos

    How many known published photos are there of Thomas Andrews from his adult years? I know of only three, the same two posed ones that are in nearly every Titanic book-the sitting and standing ones-and the one of him with wife and child outside their home. Are there any more out there?
  15. A

    Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder

    I just read the book "Thomas Andrews - a Titanic Hero" by Shan F. Bullock and now I´m wondering if it is really a good source for information on Thomas Andrews. I´ve been interested in Titanic´s designer for years and that´s why I was looking for a real good biography...
  16. S

    Thomas AndrewsLusitania

    Have heard some rumors that John Brown actually called upon Andrews to examine certain problems concerning the Lusitania and the excess vibration from her turbines. Apparently he recommended the appropriate measures AND Cunard adopted them. Clarifications anyone?
  17. J

    Thomas Andrews a hero

    Hi all Last week, somewhere on this message board the question came up whether Thomas Andrews can be considered a hero or not. As you might already know I´m doing a project on him and so I did a lot of research in the last few months. I don´t know if Thomas Andrews can be...
  18. J

    Thomas Andrews

    To introduce myself, my name is Julia Feldmann and I come from Germany. For my A-levels I´m doing a project on Thomas Andrews. Although I´ve read the Andrews biography by Shan F. Bullock and "Belfast´s Own" by Stephen Cameron I´m still looking for additional information...
  19. C

    Have ROVs been into Thomas Andrews' cabin

    I know that over the past few years ROVs have gone into the depths of the ship and that some of the cabins have been gone into and examined. (Ismay's, for one) Has any ROV ever gone into the cabin occupied by Thomas Andrews? (Sorry, I don't recall offhand which one it was -- B something or...
  20. C

    Book based on Thomas Andrews' notebooks

    I understand that a book was published based on the notebooks compiled by Thomas Andrews on the Olympic, Titanic's sister ship. Is this book still in print, and if so, where available? And would a book based on the Titanic notebooks have been similar? Cathy Ehlers