1. Cam Houseman

    Second Class Dining Saloon Tile on the Stern

    Hi Y'all! I found a Second Class Dining Saloon Tile, lying on the Second Class Entrance of the Stern. (Located in the NOAA 2003 Footage) Good eye, huh? I'm the First to spot it!! :D
  2. R

    Olympic Tiles, Wood and other Items found at Auction.

    Greetings All I found this small collection of Olympic relics and memorabilia at a local auction for not much money up here in Canada. I have always been fascinated by these historic ships and was very happy to acquire the items. The Items Include: - 4x 9" Lino Floor tiles Red and Cream...
  3. CustomDesign

    Replica floor

    Replica floor commissioned And installed by my self
  4. CustomDesign

    Linoleum flooring research for a commission installation

    I’m looking to find out Any information on Who supplied linoleum for titanic (Normally in ship builder the whole range of the ships built in the same time frames used be same manufactures So Olympic and Britannic probably used the same manufacture) Then probably the hardest information to...
  5. B


    What did the beautiful tiles at the entrance of the grand staircase consist of?
  6. JJAstorII

    Details of furniture and fixtures

    I find it super odd that of all the witness testimony nothing ever came up about the decor of the Titanic and how it differed from the Olympic. I mean obv. this wasn't a concern in the initial years of investigating the disaster, but surely years down the road people would've been curious and...
  7. M

    Britannic Grand Staircase Tile

    Does anybody have a pattern for this tile? I am really interested to see what it looks like, and if anyone has recreated it on an image. I have seen very blurry versions of it on olympic as I read it was originally on Britannic and fitted for Olympic. Please let me know thanks. I am also...
  8. S

    Date of rearrangement of the Turkish Baths' Cooling Room and order of the paneling

    I was wondering whether the paneling and most specifically the tiled panels were ordered at the same as those of the Olympic; and thus before the changes were made to the Titanic 's Turkish Baths complex. On the Titanic photograph of the Cooling Room and videos of the wreck the panels of...
  9. R

    Floor Tiles

    Does anyone know which company made the red/white, white/red, green/white, and white/green linoleum floor tiles as found on Olympic and Titanic? I recently purchased a few of these and was looking for more info on them.