time zone

  1. eckerman

    Time Iceberg Struck - Converted to U.S. EDT

    I need a little help, please. It is understood that the Titanic struck the iceberg at 11:40 PM (April 14, 1912). But that was, as I understand, "Titanic Time" - the time at which the clocks on the Titanic were set (and having been reset on a daily basis as the ship changed time zones). Would...
  2. B

    Time Zone Practices and Sea Time

    I came across some items a few years ago, I wanted to write of them more extensively but that has held up sharing this info too long so I am just going to put out the short, no substantiating citations, version for now. After reading Dave Gittins’ site I was curious about the amount of...
  3. P

    Titanic's and other Liners Time Zones

    Hi all... Okay, I'm confused with the time zones. I know the "Titanic" struck the berg at 11:40 and went under at 2:20, but what time zone was that? And after I get the time zone, how can I find out what time it would be here in the Central US? Thanks in advance!