1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    A Hypothesis of Times Gone Wrong

    Introduction The issue of time on Titanic is not a new topic and many articles chapters and books have tried to tackle it. But what is it about Titanic’s time that has drawn so much controversy that it needs such scrutiny? I will attempt to explain. First is understanding that the ship’s clocks...
  2. Dan Kappes

    What time was it in New York City when the Titanic sent out its distress call?

    Titanic's time was after 12:00 AM when the first distress calls were sent, and David Sarnoff was one person who picked them up in New York City. What was the time in New York City if it was 12 AM in the Mid-Atlantic?
  3. Samuel Halpern

    Time and Again

    After months of research and preparation: Time and Again - Titanic's Final Hours This 175-page article has covered more ground on the subject of time, as it relates to Titanic, than has ever been compiled in one place before. It is a comprehensive effort by 7 researchers, with consultation...
  4. Thomas C.

    Poingdestre and time

    I have noticed something, when i was reading evidence of seaman John Poingdestre. He said he heard the order for the boats to be loaded with women and children, about 45 minutes after collison. In the altered time it was at 12:25, but in the same time quartermaster Rowe saw a boat in the water...
  5. M

    Time difference

    I would like to point out first, that i don't want to this thread became another fight whether time was adjusted or not. I just want someone to confirm or improve my way of thinking. The most known version of disaster is as follows: 11:40 - collision 00:00 - preparing lifeboats begins 00:45 -...
  6. M

    Was Titanic's ship's time aligned with longitude time of noon position?

    Several debates have taken place about Titanic's ship's time, especially whether clocks were set back 23 minutes before collision or not. This question should not be discussed in this thread, there are mininum 2 other threads on this board availabe. I want to put up for discussion whether the...
  7. Loutino

    Boxhalls' ships

    I wonder on which ships Joseph Boxhall served? And on on which one he was for the longest time?
  8. Christophe Puttemans

    Possible setback of clocks before collision

    Some researchers think the ship's bridge clock was retarded before the collision. David Brown suggested 10 pm. If this is true, there may be major consequences to the story of Titanic as we know it: the 11:40 pm time was adjusted, while most other times were not. Titanic sank faster than...
  9. B-rad

    Greenwich Time

    Perhaps someone can help me with this. I am looking for the Greenwich time, purely (and I stress purely) based on Titanic's wreck site (aka boiler field). I have looked up several ways of calculating this, and I don't know if any are correct. So below is my calculations. Thanks. NY is 5hrs...
  10. M

    Titanic Timekeeping and the standards of the day

    From David G. Brown;[indent] Have at it, fellas. From where I sit, the way time was reckoned in that day is seriously misunderstood, starting with the notion that there were internationally agreed upon standard time zones. There weren't.
  11. B

    Time Zone Practices and Sea Time

    I came across some items a few years ago, I wanted to write of them more extensively but that has held up sharing this info too long so I am just going to put out the short, no substantiating citations, version for now. After reading Dave Gittins’ site I was curious about the amount of...
  12. Damon Hill

    Titanic Time

    Now for some completely useless information. As of exactly 2.20am on March 16th 2005, Titanic sank 33,938 days,or 814,512 hrs, or 48,870,720 mins or 2,932,243,200 seconds ago. You can all sleep now,knowing that! (Assuming it sank at exactly 2.20am on the dot of course)
  13. P

    A Question Of Time

    Hello, I have a question which if this has been answered on this message board than I apologize for missing it - message board is rather massive. Can anyone tell me what the time frame was from the sighting of the iceberg until the actual collision ? If anyone knows.... Thanks in advance
  14. P

    Exact time of sinking

    I've always been curious about Captain Smith's whereabouts at the time of the encounter with the iceberg and in the minutes preceding and following the fatal accident. I have a feeling he was much more involved in the manoeuvring performed before the accident than anyone might think. My...
  15. T

    What was the time when Titanic broke in two

    In the final hour of Titanic's life, people later wrote having heard cracking and popping sounds....The break up had already begun, and it may have taken an hour until that final snap that tore the ship asunder. Whe she broke, the area of the breakup litterally decintigrated- the hollow areas...
  16. M

    List of the ship time spent while sinking

    Hi everyone My question is the following: Which grade had the list of the ship while sinking, first the list to starboard, then, at the end, to port? When exactly did the ship change its list from starboard to port? When were the different portholes flooded? I heard that the D-Deck...
  17. T

    How much time between spotting of iceberg and the collision

    Modern film and books have suggested it was as long as 30 seconds between Fleet's spotting the iceberg and the actual collision... Im inclined to beleive the collision occoured seconds after the berg was spotted.. I think Murdoch may have seen the berg the same time as Fleet, if not...
  18. S

    Time of the break

    Sorry if I seem a prat for all the angle stuff but could anyone disclose the approximate time of the ships breaking. I know (Thank You Raymond) that it began to split at an angle of 78.967 degrees, and from that I figured that it was at an angle of 19.90 degrees at @2am. Now I'm trying to...
  19. N

    What exact time did the titanic sink

    I was wondering at what exact times did the Titanic slowly hit the iceberg and gradually sink?
  20. M

    Time of collision

    I know the time of the collision with the iceberg was at 11:40 pm on April 14 1912. I believe this was the ships time. Does anyone know what time this would be in the U.S. Eastern Standard Time (New York time)? I'm sure the ship change its clocks to keep up with the time changes as it...