titanic (1953 film)

  1. PCLAD1

    I am surprised that a number of costumes and props from the 1953 film have been preserved.

    Such as the model used in the movie and a few costumes, of which we know what they look like in color. I believe that Thelma Ritter's dinner gown is known to survive today and one of Barbara Stanwyck's gowns is in the Ireland Titanic museum. Here is the gown I was referring to:
  2. Bridget Bradley in 1953

    Bridget Bradley in 1953

    Bridget “Delia” Bradley in 1953 after viewing Fox’s "Titanic"
  3. N

    Any good pictures of the 1953 Titanic Model?

    Any good side views of the 1953 filming model? The only ones I see are ones showing the bow and stern. I'd like to see a good side view or boat deck views of the model. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
  4. Dan Kappes

    What were the papers Mrs. Uzcudum and Richard Sturges working on?

    In this movie, Richard Sturges (Clifton Webb) gets on board the Titanic by giving a steerage passenger named Jean Pablo Uzcadum a huge sum of money to buy 100 acres of land in exchange for him giving him his third class ticket. Later in the film, his wife, Mrs. Uzcudum, is seen working with...
  5. Dan Kappes

    Why is the documentary film Beyond Titanic only on the DVD and not the Blu-Ray of the 1953 film?

    Does it have something to do with copyrights or other legal jargon? Or was there not enough space on the Blu-Ray?
  6. R

    Star Gazing On Titanic

    In the (1953) movie "Titanic" a somewhat inebriated and de-frocked Priest "Ex-Rev. George Healey" (Richard Basehart) is shown leaning over the railng at night, gazing at the stars. He remarks "Answer up for the roll call...... Aldebaran, you lonely star....." Would it have been possible to have...
  7. E

    Titanic (1953)

    Gave this a view last night. The strong acting and script is what overcomes any quibbles one could have with the fictionalization and inaccuracies, plus one must remember it was made prior to ANTR, which meant they didn't have the resources at their disposal that later productions would have...
  8. M

    Maude Young

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but does anyone know why the Molly Brown character was renamed Maude Young when other historical figures such as Smith, Lightoller, The Astors and The Strauss' kept their names? I still love the "Pay a thousand dollars to ride on the greatest ship...
  9. R

    Another Fox Movie Using Titanic Model & Sets

    We know that Fox used the "Titanic" model in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" after altering it to resemble the Queen Mary, and also used some of "Titanic's" sets. Also, we learned that some of the model footage and the sets were used again in "Dangerous Crossing". Now I find a third Fox movie...
  10. Z

    Same Line in Titanic 1997 Film and Titanic 1953 Film

    Hey, everyone! I was just watching the 1953 version of Titanic last night and there was this one particular scene I am curious about. It's before the Titanic hits an iceberg it shows Mr. Sturges playing cards with some other passengers in the bar when a crewmember announces dinner with his...
  11. J

    1953 Titanic Model

    Hi. I'm not sure whether this should go under the movie thread or the modelling thread, so I'll post it here. I'm not sure if this has been posted here before, but I have found the model from Titanic 1953 at the Marine Museum in Fall River, MA. I went there with my father the other day, and...
  12. J

    Special Effects on ANTR and Titanic 1953

    How did they make the special effects on those two movies, i heard it included dry ice and wind up lifeboats, does anyone know ?
  13. M

    Most horrible Titanic movie ever

    IMO, this was the worst Titanic movie ever. There were so many errors.
  14. D

    Steerage Party Song

    Hi- Forgive me if this refers to the Barbara Stanwyck Titanic Movie- I know it was either that one or ANTR- An Irishman is singing the lead, and as hes singing he spots a young eastern European girl who takes his fancy- The last line of the song is "We're Off to Philadelphia in the Morning!"...
  15. E

    1953 Movie On DVD

    The 1953 Barbara Stanwyck-Clifton Webb movie "Titanic" will be released on DVD by Fox Home Video sometime in August as part of a series of releases of classic films. No information on whether it will contain any supplements beyond a trailer (which is standard for all DVDs) but I would suppose...
  16. R

    The model from the WebbStanwyck film

    I heard there was once a Titanic model on display at Northtown Mall in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, metro area, which then went to a museum out east. This wasn't by any chance the model from the Webb-Stanwyck film, was it? Richard K.
  17. D

    Titanic 1953

    Hi, did the real Titanic really have those annoying sirens as heard in the (1953) version, this sirens start sounding very shortly after the ship hits the iceberg, i enjoy the movie but those sirens are so bothersome. I hope the real passengers and crew did'nt have to go through that. Denise
  18. L

    Nearer My God To Thee

    The scene at the end of the movie when the passengers are singing Nearer My God To Thee, is very touching i become teary every time i see this scene. There are other touching moments also. even though the movie is'nt entirely accurate is is still enjoyable to watch. Laurel D.