titanic (1997 film)

  1. Sarah S

    How much did Cameron research the 3rd class passengers?

    Hello everyone I’m asking specifically because of a certain scene when Jack and Rose try to find their way to the boat deck. They pass by an apparent muslim family in 3rd class, the woman wearing a muslim veil covering her hair and shouting „yallah yallah“. Now all the research done with...
  2. thekingandthejester

    Happy medium between Kenneth More and Jonny Phillips?

    After doing lots of reading on Lights, and of course obsessively watching both Cameron's Titanic and ANTR, I still have lots of questions about his characterization in media. Who got his characterization right, or at least the most accurate?
  3. Gazz

    Is Titanic James Cameron's Best Film?

    Hi all, just popping in to post a video review of Titanic, the film that singlehandedly kickstarted my interest in the disaster as well as continuing my love affair with Cameron's movies. On the last watch through I actually came to realise that this is probably Cameron's best film and certainly...
  4. N

    A fictional character is going to remark upon this film...

    Hi guys, This is going to seem a rather odd one, but bear with me please. So, as one of those people who hate it when historical references, settings etc are used incorrectly, it seemed a realistic expectation that Titanic subject enthusiasts would equally hate it if I made such an error in my...
  5. Jason D. Tiller

    News James Cameron Admits He Got the Sinking of the Titanic 'Sort of Half Right' in 1997 Blockbuster

    James Cameron has been on a decades-long mission to determine how accurately his 1997 film Titanic depicted the sinking of the actual RMS Titanic — and he's found Titanic was "wrong on one point or the other."...
  6. Jason D. Tiller

    Titanic: 25 Years Later Reflections

    Kate Winslet, James Cameron and Jon Landau reflect on the movie, for the 25th Anniversary:
  7. Deana10

    What Titanic's people looked like in real life vs in the movie

  8. Jason D. Tiller

    Re-release of Titanic in 4K 3D for the 25th anniversary

    The poster for the re-release of Titanic in 4K 3D has been released. The film returns to theatres on February 10.
  9. T

    Not Able To Download The Subtitle Of The Movie

    Hello friends, Recently I have downloaded the movie 'Titanic' and I would like to download the subtitle of the movie. Is there any way that I may able to download the subtitle of this movie? Please help.
  10. D

    Titanic movie flooding scenes

    Cameron's dramatic scene where the hallway is flooding and stateroom doors are bursting outwards with furniture etc., is excellent. But, it seems like it's so much faster than the actual slow gradual sinking; does it seem likely it was enhanced for the film? Until the ship broke, it was slow...
  11. Sarah S

    How famous was the titanic before the 1997 movie?

    Good evening everyone, I personally only know about the Titanic through the 1997 movie which I grew up watching. Most people from my generation only know the titanic movie, a lot of my peers can’t even tell which year the ship sank or which parts of the movie are real or fake (many kids...
  12. WHWHudson

    Did The Second Funnel Ever Fall In The James Cameron Movie?

    I recently rewatched James Cameron's titanic and I noticed that the second funnel never falls. In some Scenes, you can see the top of the funnel in the water. Does anyone know If It Fell In The Movie Or Not??
  13. N

    Titanic 1997

    I saw this movie in theaters. I was about 14. When you are 14 you don’t grasp the gravity of the situation. Now that I’m an adult and I’m rewatching it on Netflix I not only appreciate and understand the fictional storyline but also thinking about the more than 1500 people that died because the...
  14. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic is Britain's favourite period drama film

    Titanic' has been voted as Britain's favourite period drama movie. The 1997 blockbuster that was directed by James Cameron and starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet came out on top after being chosen by a quarter of Brits in a survey of 2,000 moviegoers...
  15. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic True Story: Why Murdoch's Family Were Offended By His Portrayal

    One of the characters in Titanic based on real-life people was Will Murdoch, and his family wasn't pleased with how the movie portrayed him. https://screenrant.com/titanic-movie-murdoch-real-life-family-upset-reason/
  16. HankStone

    Bernard Fox in Both 1958 and 1997 Film Versions

    Uniquely, Fox was in both Titanic (1997) and the earlier version of the tragedy, A Night to Remember (1958). In the latter, he actually got to deliver the immortal line, "Iceberg dead ahead, sir!" Anyone know of another?
  17. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic Fan Recreation Looks As Good As James Cameron's Movie

    A recent fan-made digital recreation of the "flying" shot in James Cameron's hit film Titanic is practically indistinguishable from the original. https://screenrant.com/titanic-movie-flying-scene-recreation-vfx-fan-video/
  18. Duquesa

    Lifeboat Launch Sequence and Capacity

    I've always found the launching of lifeboats in the Titanic film a bit confusing, mainly because some boats stop in time, others take the place of other boats in historical matters, and so on. In real life, we all know that the launch of boats on the davits was this, correct me if I'm wrong...
  19. FordMayer

    An issue is arising when watching Titanic on Youtube

    Greeting to all, :):) Titanic is one of my favorite movies and Leonardo is my favorite actor. I searched google for finding something new about this movie. And found this forum page. I am having a strange issue, as I am trying to play the movie on youtube it does not respond. When I refresh the...
  20. JTDillon

    A GREAT line/scene from "Titanic" (1997) I missed

    Hello everyone! I just finished watching "Titanic" (1997) and I wanted to talk about a certain scene that caught my attention. I've seen the film approx. 6 times and I never really gave this specific scene any thought until now. If you'd like to read some pretentious nonsense you came to the...