titanic anniversary

  1. B-rad

    Anniversary Ideas...What Are You Doing

    Just thought I see what people have planned in remembrance of the 104th Anniversary. I don't know of anything going on in the greater Tacoma/Seattle area, so I plan on watching Titanic (1953), A Night to Remember, and James Cameron's Titanic on the 14th. May have a meal from the Titanic menu...
  2. R

    102nd Anniversary TITANIC Events In Southampton UK This April

    How many members will be visiting Southampton for TITANIC's 102nd Anniversary? I am the playwright/producer of 41N 50W based on the 1912 TITANIC US Senate Hearings which will open for 10 performances at SeaCity Museum in Southampton April 10th and play through the 19th. There is also the...
  3. C

    Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee

    Did Carrie Constance Toogood, wife of Herbert Fuller Chaffee, remarried after the death of her husband on the Titanic? Thanks. Charles