titanic honor and glory

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    The Titanic Video Gamer "Spammals" (AKA Daniel Smith, Titanic Historian / Fan)

    Notes: This thread does not focus on anything Historical relating to Titanic. To the creator of the Youtube channel, I mean no offence and have created this thread to discuss the merits and interests of having an Internet gamer who teaches and focuses on Titanic related games...
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    Titanic Honor and Glory

    ive been following this for some time and it just hit me to let people know theres a group of people working on a new titanic game called Titanic Honor and Glory these guys are dedicated to getting it completely right . right down to every rivet. the ship in game will be FULLY explorable i...
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    Titanic Lost in the Darkness

    I and some other Internet users together the team of ORM Entertainmant are working since October on a Titanic game. RMS Titanic - Lost in the Darkness "On 1 September.1985 - The RMS Titanic 73 years remained undiscovered at the bottom of the North Atlantic." On this day was the deep sea...
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    We are looking urgently for a passenger and model designer

    Hello. I'm new here in this forum First apologies for my English I have the following concerns: A few Internet users and I have been trying almost 2 months Titanic PC Game to create. It should be a writer of the shooter Crysis will be without weapons, it plays it as a normal passenger...