titanic theory

  1. Dennis Cox

    Saving the Titanic? (theory)

    Forgive me... but most of my Titanic knowledge comes from the movie. I am hoping the broad technical strokes presented in the movie are somewhat accurate. The movie is also what spawned this question and theory when I first saw it in the 90's. I never really had an avenue to post my theory...
  2. GamePlayerZ

    Question How was Titanic's final plunge really like? Can you give me all the details and timeline of the final plunge accurately?

    The 1997 movie depicts it a way that everyone knows and use, but with new theories and especially Titanic: Honor and Glory's development videos, I wanna know how was Titanic's final plunge like, with all details and timeline accurately and up to date, so I can know, I'm new to the Titanic...