transferred passengers

  1. HelenaWojtczak

    Pax transferred from the Oceanic to Titanic?

    Hi Is there a list of passengers booked on the Oceanic who were transferred to the Titanic? I've been working on a biography of survivors Elsie and Edith Bowerman for many years now, because of their connection to the suffrage movement. I'm now preparing to publish a book in which they will...
  2. M

    Titanic passengers transferred from what ships?

    Hey everyone! I know that in early 1912 the coal strike in England forced many ships to be laid up and their passengers forced to transfer to other steamers eg. Edwina Troutt was originally supposed to travel on the Oceanic and Elizabeth Nye on the Philadelphia. My question is though, what ships...
  3. K

    Passengers transferred from the Titanic before sailing

    Family legend has it that Grandmother Miss May Pattison was due to sail on the Titanica but sailed on a different ship from Liverpool on 10 April 1912 on a White Star Line ship. Is it possible to trace a list of passengers that changed their travel arrangements ?