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    Answered Did a female victim on Titanic get stuck in her room?

    Was there a woman Titanic passenger or crew member who died in their cabin?
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    People trapped in cabins and various rooms deep in the stern

    Hello I know similar questions to this have already been answered, however it is something that I am morbidly fascinated with and I am hoping to obtain some further viewpoints on it from learned people such as yourselves. From time to time my imagination conjures up mental images and...
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    Trapped Alive Aboard the Andrea Doria

    One story which has appeared in several books, tangentally, is the story of the three women: Christina Corvino, of Mt Vernon New York; her sister in law, Margaret Carola, and Amelia Iazetta of Brooklyn, in cabin A-230. The story, until now, has never had a diagram. Immediately after the...