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    Which tugs were used to launch The Titanic on her maiden voyage?

    Hi, i am Jim and new to this forum, i cannot find any information that tells me which tug boats were used at Southampton to launch The Titanic for her maiden voyage. It would seem that 5 in total were used but the only one i can find mentioned is Vulcan. I have recently inherited some...
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    What happened to the tugs that took Titanic out of Southampton? I know Vulcan survived into the 1950s, but what happened to her after and the others? Ive tried to find other pictures of them and all I have is one with the QE and the Vulcan - any others??
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    What became of the Southampton Tugs

    what became of the 3 tugs that took the Titanic out of Southampton?and what became of the tenders America and Ireland?sorry if it is a strange question to ask but im interested.