1. Benjamin Moore

    Saloon Steward Jacket color

    The color typically seen for steward’s coats is white. Recovered from the wreck are steward jackets that are white. James cameron’s Film had saloon stewards in white jackets. BUT - in the only known photo of Titanic’s 1st class dining saloon (taken by father brown), the stewards can be made...
  2. M

    Staff Whistles

    I would be very grateful for the forums help. Did any of the crew carry whistles ? Many thanks
  3. D

    Titanic/ white star officers cap badges, which?

    Hail readers, Titanic's tragic centenary made me take up an old project: to replicate a very good copy of an officers peaked cap for my collection of interesting headgear. I already altered a modern peaked cap to one that is according to the 1895 royal navy regulations, which meant making...
  4. J

    Titanic Kitchen Porter

    Greetings, I'm looking for some information concerning kitchen porters on the RMS Titanic. Most specifically, I have the following questions: 1. What did a kitchen porter's uniform look like? 2. What were a kitchen porter's duties? Also, if anyone has anyone information on Kitchen...
  5. J

    What was a Kitchen Porter's Uniform?

    Greetings, I'm in need of information concerning the uniform for the Titanic kitchen porters. From what research I've done, the basic uniform seems to be Navy Blue pants and a jacket, with some type of vest and a bowtie. Any additional information or clarifying material would be very much...
  6. R

    Was He In Uniform The Night Of The Sinking

    The film "SOS Titanic" depicts Butt in uniform the entire time of the voyage. Perhaps so viewers could easily distinguish him at the card table in the first class smoking room. Having just read the posted newspaper account of his natty suit the day he left America in March 1912, I cannot help...
  7. J

    Crew's Uniforms

    Hello - I'm new to ET - this is my first post. Some here may perhaps know me from TT and TRMA. I have some questions about Titanic crew's uniforms. 1. Can anyone tell me if the standard WSL officers uniform was navy blue or black, as I have heard contradicting info on this from many...