victims (of titanic)

  1. Jason D. Tiller

    News Bodies of the Titanic: Found and Lost Again

    Ideas about economic class informed decisions about which recovered bodies would be preserved for land burial and which would be returned to the icy seas.
  2. Jason D. Tiller

    News Halifax group remembers Titanic victims 110 years after ship’s sinking

    Friday marks a grim anniversary. It’s been 110 years since the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  3. Jason D. Tiller

    News Did Winnipeg name any streets after Titanic victims?

    Later this month, on April 15, is the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland. It has often been said that several Winnipeg streets were named for local victims in the aftermath of the tragedy — but that does not appear to be the case...
  4. Arun Vajpey

    The bodies in Collapsible A

    When Fifth Officer Lowe commandeering lifeboat #14 helped 12 survivors out of the damaged and waterlogged Collapsible A, there were supposed to have been 3 more people on board, but sadly deceased by then. I understand that the bodies were left adrift in the boat. I believe one of the three...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Bodies reach Boston

    The bodies bought to Boston were those of Timothy McCarthy 52 Nelson Street Dorchester buyer for the Jordan Marsh company; Walter C. Porter of Worcester C.C. Jones of Bennington Vt. And E.C. Ostby of Providence.... Boston Globe Thu, 02 May 1912...
  6. H

    Answered Last bodies recovered

    Were the three bodies recovered by the Montmagny on 10 May in a boat? If so, which one. I cannot see that the bodies would still be recoverable a month after the sinking otherwise.
  7. A

    Answered How many crew members died in the Titanic?

    What was the total number of crew victims of the Titanic?
  8. Jessie M.

    Putting an End to an Argument

    Now I know this is probably a really stupid idea... But I just can't seem to shake it. As I'd imagine most of us know, no physical bodies remain in the wreck site and it has caused a bit of debate between people when it comes to the wreck itself (Viewing the wreck as a Gravesite or as a...
  9. K

    Niqula Nasrallah-Condition of the Body And Possible Misidentification as JJ Astor

    I ran into an article today about Niqula (Nicholas) Nasrallah purportedly being misidentified by the press as COL J.J. Astor due to Morse code miscommunication. What was the physical condition of Nasrallah's body as recovered by Mackay-Bennett?
  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic victims died of hunger
  11. Encyclopedia Titanica

  12. J

    Identification of drowned passengers

    Hi, l am new to your group. My grand mother, born 1881, used to tell me stories about the Titanic disaster. I've read many books and seen all the films, but l can find no stories about one of the things she told me. She said that coffins were lined up (l can't remember where) containing some of...
  13. sir john adams

    What happened to the bodies?

    I know the stern sank . And she imploded. But the bow even that she sank "slowly" I Know at least a couple of people were taken down with her. I know at least the collapsible filled with passengers that went up against the crew quaters. Went down with the ship. And if the windows broke. They...
  14. S

    A question about deaths in lifeboats

    In a discussion on another forum, the question was raised of how many people, if any, died in the lifeboats as a result of the cold air, or due to being splashed with seawater. I've read that Carpathia buried four to six survivors at sea, but haven't found any information on causes of death. And...
  15. W

    Tales of a Titanic Family

    Based on the archives and family photographs of the Percival White and son Richard Frasar White family, this book presents some interesting new information about two first-class passengers.
  16. Arun Vajpey

    If you could save just ONE Titanic victim....

    All other events being exactly the same, if you had the capacity to save just ONE Titanic victim, who would that be and why? Can be passenger or crew. Oddly enough, my own choice would be Michel Navratil. I am fascinated by the Navratil children's story and cannot help wishing that their father...
  17. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lorenzo Horace Mitchell
  18. G

    More officers as Titanic victims

    In the event that more officers on the Titanic perished on the Titanic for some reason [and for the sake of discussion and lifeboats, we keep every survivor who was not an officer or a sailor on the Titanic the same], would they have been considered as suicide suspects ? And, what would be the...
  19. Christophe Puttemans

    Survivor or victim?

    Almost all books and websites place Col. Gracie among the Titanic survivors. But he was a diabetic, and in the night that Titanic sank he severely suffered from hypothermia and physical injuries. His health declined so much that he still died eight months after the disaster. So actually his...