1. Fleet's Haze.jpg

    Fleet's Haze.jpg

  2. D

    Superior mirage and the Californian

    Hello everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. There has been much discussion over the superior mirage/refraction theory (which I find compelling) and the effect this may have had on the crew's ability to spot the iceberg; not to mention it could also explain the error in Titanic's...
  3. Fleet mirage english version.jpg

    Fleet mirage english version.jpg

  4. Arun Vajpey

    Fleet's 'Haze'

    I have read a few accounts with state that Frederick Fleet in the Crow's Nest saw a "haze" in the horizon a minute or so he spotted the actual iceberg and rang the warning bell. Does anyone know if that was a verbatim quote by Fleet or Lee or assumption by a writer based on statements by either...
  5. M

    Were icebergs visible from the deck of the Titanic during the sinking

    An idle question from me. Apologies if it has been addressed elsewhere. As we all know, the 'Titanic' struck an iceberg. But was it a loner? Did the ship founder in a completely empty sea - or were there OTHER bergs in proximity to the ship, visible to those taking to the boats?
  6. P

    Why didn't the Titanic's lookouts see the Californian?

    Hi all, From the recollections of Lee and Fleet, they didn't see anything from their perch before the collision. I know they have been criticised for their seeming late reaction tot he iceberg, even though their eyesight was sound (though windchill may explain this to some extent). I work it...
  7. A

    Icebergs visibility of

    What we know for sure, if Lightoller's testimony is truthful, is that both he and Smith thought icebergs reflected starlight, and that their white outlines (even of blue bergs) would be visible. Now I would like to ask everyone who has been in iceberg country on a moonless night: were...