1. Michael Hinz

    Uniform of the À-la-carte restaurant waiters

    Are there any sources from Titanic or Olympic that provide evidence of what the a-la-carte restaurant waiters wore while serving their guests? I have never seen a photograph of waiters working in the restaurant of Olympic and naturally there are no known pictures of the restaurant waiters on the...
  2. dimabah

    Waiter's sheet in restaurant

    Hello. In Las Vegas an exhibition was shown a sheet of paper was lifted from the bottom, on which waiters wrote orders. The date, table number and one more item were written on it. Who can help me understand what it is?
  3. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Rinaldo Ricaldone (Assistant Waiter )

  4. Benjamin Moore

    Saloon Steward Jacket color

    The color typically seen for steward’s coats is white. Recovered from the wreck are steward jackets that are white. James cameron’s Film had saloon stewards in white jackets. BUT - in the only known photo of Titanic’s 1st class dining saloon (taken by father brown), the stewards can be made...
  5. A

    Were the waiters held in a little room until too late?

    Hi, all: In the latest miniseries on the Titanic that came out on the anniversary (I mean the one with several stories, like a soap opera), there is a scene in which one of the firemen (?) rescues his brother, a waiter, and several others from a flooding room. Is this part of the "legend" of...
  6. L

    The waiters

    hi it seems that all the restaurant staff went down. very few of them were saved why was that?? leonard schwartz