1. H

    Titanic And Other Ship Waterline Models In 1:1250 Scale

    I've recently discovered the world of 1:1250 Model Ships where you can buy metal painted waterline models of ships to recreate miniature docks, ocean crossings and general dioramas. Along with making more famous and modern ships, they also create ships from lesser known shipping lines like the...
  2. R

    How high above the waterline......

    How high above the waterline on the Titanic were ? The Main Deck ? The Bridge ? The Crow's Nest ?
  3. T

    Hull paint

    So I look in Titanic pictures I can tell a little bit of the water line is visible the whole way of the ship, but how much feet tall is the sliver of the waterline above the water? Is a sliver or is it actually big? And what color is the water line???? :confused:
  4. Arun Vajpey

    Portholes too close to the waterline

    I an article about the Empress of Ireland disaster that I read somewhere a few years ago, I recall a statement that the lowermost row of portholes, many of them open at the time of the accident, were "only a few feet above the water". Was that normal or a suggestion that the ship was too low in...