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    Answered How much did the Titanic weigh altogether?

    What did the Titanic weigh?
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    Removing the Machinery to Lighten the Ship?

    When the Olympic was being repaired in Belfast following her collision with HMS Hawke the Belfast Newsletter said: 'Operations were carried out night and day, in order that the vessel might be ready to resume her place in the White Star fleet at the earliest possible day. It was necessary to...
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    Could Titanic Still Sink With 4 Compartments Flooded?

    A "What If" scenario... It's aways been stated that Titanic could stay afloat with any 4 compartments and had the iceberg only breached the front 4, she would have floated and the only damage would be some lost Cargo and some very angry 3rd Class Passengers and Crew. However, would the weight...