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  1. Dave Gittins

    Arthur West

    An interesting story has come to light. Never seen before documents disclose how Arthur West perished on the cruise liner while his wife and children sang songs to drown out his screams. Mr West had earlier helped wife Ada and daughters Constance and Barbara onto a lifeboat before dashing back...
  2. M

    Barbara Dainton West auction items

    Hi. I collect autographs from titanicsurvivors and I want to sell one of my autographs from Barbara Dainton. She is as you probably know one of the two last living survivors. She personally signed two pages of my A Night To remember book in Cornwall when I by chance got to meet her. I also...
  3. M

    Ada West

    Hello everyone, as i live in Cornwall, i am interested in the cornish passengers. according to Craig Stringers CD, Ada and her two little girls lived at 2 lemon street Truro, i was in Truro today and took some notes and pictures. (i also visited the old home of joseph fillbrook) anyway, i have...
  4. A

    Barbara West

    Hi, Isint it Barbara West Dainton's birthday today? She turns 91. Happy Birthday!!! How is she by the way, anyone with updates? Thanks, Andrew Maheux
  5. A

    Barbara West and Lillian Asplund

    Hi, Has there been any recent pictures taken of Barbara West or Lillian Asplund who refuse to speak about Titanic? and have they ever told anything to researchers or family about the sinking that their mothers might have told them? Thank you Andrew
  6. A

    West Family & the Unknown Son

    Hi, I am looking for information regarding the Edwy Arthur West family that was on board. I have read the biographies on this site and they have been very helpful, but I have a few more questions that maybe someone can help me out with: 1) From what I gather, Ada West was pregnant while on...
  7. A

    Constance Miriam West

    I was a pupil at the school in which this lady worked. She retired in 1960 or thereabouts, and is reported to have died in 1963. Her younger sister is said to be still alive and perhaps a brother. Will anyone who knew this lady please supply further details. She survived the Titanic disaster...