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  1. D

    Original Titanic Postcard?

    Hi everybody! I recently purchased a Titanic postcard off an elderly lady who claims she had it passed down her family and has never been sold. I think it is an original photo but I am not sure. I cannot find this postcard anywhere on the internet but the picture seems to be a pretty well known...
  2. Samuel.Longin

    WSL Commodores

    Hey there ! I'm reading again Hull Down wrote by Sir Bertram Hayes and there's one thing I don't really understand. On chapter XVII (p.277) Hayes wrote : I always thought that Smith was the last Commodore before Hayes but those lines are telling anonther story. What do we know about that ?
  3. rosiem

    Luggage trunk for return voyage

    I recently inherited my great grans luggage trunk that was booked to sail on the return voyage, it has the White Star stickers on the side. I remember as a child being told the story about her working in the US and how she was due to sail back to the UK. I wanted to know if there is anywhere I'd...
  4. The RMS Britannic in B&W scheme.

    The RMS Britannic in B&W scheme.

    The RMS Britannic in black-and-white.
  5. The RMS Britannic in color.

    The RMS Britannic in color.

    The RMS Britannic in color.
  6. Jessie M.

    White Star/Cunard/Carnival

    Hello! So I've actually been doing a lot of research and such on this infamous Shipping company for a while now - no particular reason, just curious! And after a quite a bit of digging I found that info having to do with them after they merged with Cunard has been a bit scarce. I've heard rumors...
  7. H

    White Star Line and Britannic (1874) reference in "The Legend Of Tarzan" Film.

    I was watching the film "The Legend of Tarzan" the other day and during a early scene in the movie, The White Star Line ship SS Britannic (1874) is referenced in the "ledger" as being used by Tarzan and Co. to sail from Liverpool to Africa. (Sorry if the photos are a bit big and / or of poor...
  8. H

    White Star Line Flag: Where Can I Buy One?

    A bit of a random question, but does anyone know where I could find or buy a replica of a White Star Line Mast flag? (The video is just as example)
  9. Mattwsl401

    WANTED: White Star Line First Class demitasse cup and saucer with Wisteria pattern

    Hi fellow enthusiasts! I’m looking for some White Star Line china. To be more precise: a White Star Line First Class demitasse cup and saucer set with the Wisteria pattern. Does anyone have this for sale? Or do you know someone willing to sell a set? Please let me know. Hope to hear from you...
  10. jamiecroy27

    Liner Enthusiast from Scotland

    Greetings, It is with a great deal of pleasure that I come back to the Encyclopedia Titanica community. My name is Jamie and I have been a keen ocean liner and marine travel enthusiast for some years. I have been hanging around the forums off and on for quite a while but unfortunately working...
  11. M

    News from 1937: Retirement of A. G. Christensen

    The New York Times, 16 August 1937 CHRISTENSEN TO END 45-YEAR CAREER SOON --- Veteran Passenger Agent of Ship Lines Recalls Vessels That Made 'Big Money' --- After serving forty-five years with the White Star Line and the International Mercantile Marine Company in this city, Anton G...
  12. Cjwalker5

    WSL and H&W Distinctive Design Characteristics

    I'm wondering if they are any certain specific design characteristics of white star line ships that you see in most of their commissioned ships or a certain characteristic from Harland and Wolff. Most designers have a tell or signature characteristic that differentiates their style, I'm...
  13. Jason Loch

    Chapels on board White Star Line ships

    I have an early brochure for the MV Britannic that features a photo of a chapel among the images of her interiors. The brochure's description of it as a 'chapel' is perhaps a bit hyperbolic, as it appears to have been little more than an altar with a crucifix that was set up within a larger...
  14. Jason Loch

    IMM Ship's Rules and Uniform Regulations

    Hello, I've come across several references to the 'Ship's Rules and Uniform Regulations' issued by IMM. I'd like to read this document in its entirety, but so far I've been unable to find a full version. Does anybody know where I could find a copy? I'd prefer the 1907 edition that was in...
  15. M

    White Star Line Luggage Tag

    Hi guys, I acquired this luggage tag several years ago in Montreal from an estate sale. Would anyone be able to help me date this? Here are a few pictures of my tag. A little history about it would be great!
  16. W


    I spend my entire life researching forgotten disasters and shipwrecks and have so far published two books and put up 4 different memorials, with many more on the way. My next project will be the liner Justicia which was a White Star Line vessel but requisitioned by the government for troop...
  17. W

    Wallace Hartley relatives and White Star pennant request

    Good morning everybody I am looking for two things today.... Next year I am putting up a blue plaque for Wallace Hartley and I would very much like it to be unveiled by one of Hartley's relatives or if not the actor who played him in the 1997 film. If anybody knows how to track these people...
  18. A

    Adriatic woes...

    Hey guys, First post on the new forum...here goes... If you look at the above photo, this is one of the Big Four ocean liners, presumed in the postcard to be Adriatic. I'm pretty sure that this is NOT Adriatic, and is instead a picture of one of her sister ships, perhaps Celtic, Cedric, or...
  19. M

    White Star Fleet List

    Yesterday, in another thread, I mentioned having posted a White Star fleet list here once upon a time. Having scoured the archives, though, all I can find is a link to a now-defunct web site where that list appeared; it doesn't seem that I ever posted the whole list here. So here it is...
  20. D

    White Star's Ten Largest

    According to greatoceanliners.net, these are the TEN LARGEST WHITE STAR SHIPS... 1. Majestic (1922) 56,551 gross tons 2. Britannic (1915) 48,158 gross tons 3. Titanic 46,328 gross tons 4. Olympic (1911) 45,324 gross tons 5. Homeric 34,351 gross tons 6. Justicia 32,234 gross tons 7...