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  1. D

    White Star Line Flag

    Does anyone here make or know anyone that does make White Star Line flags? If not, what material were the flags made of? I'd like to have a large one made to hang in my house. Here's a picture with link, of an original one that is 9ft long...
  2. M

    A Majestic in the 1870's?

    This is the first time I've encountered a reference to an 1870's-era Majestic, a name not actually used until Majestic I 1890-1914. Liverpool Mercury 4 April 1872
  3. M

    Things from 1923: Capt. Berry and Megantic

    The Boston Daily Globe, 23 March 1923
  4. Chad1234

    An advert for White Star’s cabin liners in 1932 (Georgic, Britannic, Baltic and Adriatic)

  5. M

    Answered When was the Titanic handed over to the White Star Line?

    On what date was Titanic officially handed over from H&W to the White Star Line?
  6. O

    White Star Cigarette case

    Hello all I was recently gifted a monogrammed Cigarette case featuring a White Star Pennant motif. It has a makers mark of WAYLEA or WAVLEA, but no hallmarks present, so probably brass or gold coloured metal. No idea of history, age or owner, but interesting in its own right. Does anyone...
  7. Chad1234

    Underrated White Star Liners

    I think the most underrated/under appreciated White Star liners include The Big Four of Celtic, Cedric, Baltic and (especially) Adriatic, as well as their last two ships, the MV Britannic and (to a lesser extent) MV Georgic. But what do you guys think?
  8. White Star Company Man

    White Star Officer's Cap

    Greetings fellow Titanophile's, long time lurker, first time poster here. I recently brought to end a 37 year quest when I took delivery of a cap that is probably the most dead on accurate replica of the cap worn by the R.N. and merchant navy in 1912. The neat thing is it has never been...
  9. Chad1234

    Furniture/fittings from other White Star liners?

    Besides the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, Northumberland, which contains interiors from the Olympic, are there any other places around the world that currently have or have had furniture or fittings from White Star liners?
  10. William Oakes

    What Company Did Print work for the White Star Line?

    Does anyone know who did the printing for the White Star Line? Things such as, Note pads, letterhead, menus, On board the Titanic notes, etc. Thank You in advance!
  11. Melinda R

    White Star Line insurance reimbursement to Titanic passengers

    Am interested in results of a lawsuit filed by Mr. F.K. Hays in 1913 on behalf of Marcelle Navratil. Marcelle was the widow of Michel Navratil and mother of the "Titanic Orphans" - Michel and Edmond. Mr. Hays was the father of Miss Margaret Hays, of New York City, first class passenger who...
  12. Jason D. Tiller

    Atlantic’s Last Stop Courage, Folly, and Lies in the White Star Line's Worst Disaster Before Titanic by Bob Chaulk

    Bob Chaulk who co-authored "SS Atlantic: The White Star Line's First Disaster at Sea" with the late Greg Cochkanoff in 2009, has written a new book on the SS Atlantic. Chaulk has uncovered information on the disaster which has never been seen. He tracked down many descendants over a five-year...
  13. Jason D. Tiller

    News The White Star Tavern, Southampton reopens after refurbishment

    The White Star Tavern in Oxford Street opened after a revamp of the entire building, including guest rooms, dining area and kitchen. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/19953858.white-star-tavern-southampton-reopens-refurbishment/ Note: "Formerly known as The Alliance Hotel, The White Star Tavern...
  14. B

    Colorized Photos of White Star Line ships

    I have no idea which forum would fit, but I just colourized a few photos of some white star line ships and I want to share. Posted around in the discord, but I'm still too proud of it. Suggestions accepted :) Yes, AI helped with this mainly Oceanic Smoking Room Oceanic Dining Saloon More...
  15. B

    White Star Line Silverware Fake?

    Hello, new poster here. I made this account since I recently got some silverware that was on the Olympic (actually "Titanic Interest" which makes it more suspicious) from Ebay and I am wondering if its fake. I read Purser Locker's awesome guide, and it seems to me that this company etched...
  16. D

    Original Titanic Postcard?

    Hi everybody! I recently purchased a Titanic postcard off an elderly lady who claims she had it passed down her family and has never been sold. I think it is an original photo but I am not sure. I cannot find this postcard anywhere on the internet but the picture seems to be a pretty well known...
  17. William Oakes


    Just an FYI, I am offerring these White Star Line crew T-necks in sizes SM,MED, LRG, XL, & XXL. i am not exagerating when I say that these are beautiful 100% cotton just like the originals. The J Pederman sweaters( used in the 1997 film) are ridiculously pricey... $800 USD and upwards. I'm...
  18. M

    News from 1920-22: Hayes is appointed White Star's Commodore

    The New York Times, 5 July 1920 HAYES TO BE COMMODORE --- Olympic's Captain First to Receive White Star Title Since 1882 --- In recognition of his valuable services rendered during the war, including sinking two enemy submarines and transporting 310,000 troops safely across the Atlantic and...
  19. Samuel.Longin

    WSL Commodores

    Hey there ! I'm reading again Hull Down wrote by Sir Bertram Hayes and there's one thing I don't really understand. On chapter XVII (p.277) Hayes wrote : I always thought that Smith was the last Commodore before Hayes but those lines are telling anonther story. What do we know about that ?
  20. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Olympic & Titanic : The White Star Line

    THE completion of the immense liner Olympic to be followed very shortly by the sister ship Titanic the largest ships in the world adds yet another triumph of shipbuilding and engineering skill to the splendid list of vessels built for the Atlantic passenger service. In no other trade have such...