white swan hotel

  1. Chad1234

    Furniture/fittings from other White Star liners?

    Besides the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, Northumberland, which contains interiors from the Olympic, are there any other places around the world that currently have or have had furniture or fittings from White Star liners?
  2. JvMartin

    R.M.S TITANIC / R.M.S OLYMPIC First Class Lounge Wall panel carving decoration

    I'm making a 3d model of the Lounge and I need a good reference of the details (carving) of the walls, pillars, ceiling and etc. If anyone has a good quality and zoomed photo of the walls in the White Swan Hotel please send below <3 Jv
  3. P

    Olympics Remnants

    Is there a list of the places where Olympics interior fittings wound up? We all know about the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, and that the Soton Maritime Museum has the original "Honour and Glory Crowning Time"...but where did the rest go? And more importantly, can we visit them Best wishes...
  4. P

    Meeting up in Alnwick

    I posted this yesterday, but it must have wound up in Davy Jones' locker: http://www.s-h-systems.co.uk/hotels/wtswan.html - they have regular Titanic themed weekends. I'm hoping to make the February one. Does anyone feel like coming along to keep a salty old sea dog company? Cheers Paul
  5. S

    Olympic Suite Alnwick

    A picture taken yesterday of the "Olympic Suite" in the White Swan Hotel just up the road from me. Im testing a new camera that doesnt seem to like the light that much, I had to brighten up the image and lost a wee bit of quality. I took some others of better and higher quality of light...