william carter

  1. derek byrne

    William Carter's Mistress

    Charles Pellegrino in his book 'Ghosts of the Titanic' claims that William Carter had a mistress with him on Titanic as well as his wife and children. I can find no other evidence to support this claim. Can anybody comment either way? Thanks for any help.
  2. S

    Meeting billy carter in real life

    did anyone meet billy carter in real life before he died?he attended my parent's wedding in 1984.
  3. J

    Concise and definitive guide to the renault and billy carter

    I have been wondering if the encyclopedia has a articale that has all the info concering the renault and billy carter in one concise location.... If not I think that is going to be my progect for the next couple months to write a articale on the renault and who billy carter was....
  4. M

    Seek picture of Wm Carter Sr with his manservant Mr Cairns before sinking

    Have been actively researching the manservant of Wm Carter Sr, an Alexander Cairns. I now have a photograph which stands a good chance of being him, am looking for confirmation by hopefully locating a photograph of Mr Carter with Mr Cairns. Chances are slim of such a photograph existing, but I...
  5. L

    The renault car

    hi does anybody have a picture of billy carters new renault car that went down with the ship?? leonard schwartz
  6. C

    William Ernest Carter

    Did Billy Carter's polo ponies were aboard Titanic?