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    Britannic Callsign and Signals

    It seems exceedingly hard to locate sources for these two particulars when it comes to Britannic. For the other two we have: Olympic: signal letters HSRP, callsign MKC Titanic: signal letters HVMP, callsign MGY Does anyone know what Britannic’s callsign and signal letters were?
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    Wireless Sound Question

    I have a question that I cant remember the answer to and Ive searched for a few mins with no luck for the answer on here. I am looking for what Hz Titanic`s wireless system operated on as in the signal output that other ships would have heard. I thought it was 50 or 60 but when I tried it in...
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    Did the Wireless Operators Know

    This is a question I have been wondering about for some time, and one for which I have never come up with an answer: Did Titanic's radio operators know there was a mystery ship 10 miles away, and did they try to contact it? Were they aware that the Californian should have been nearby or did...