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    Medium tells of word from stead

    Swoons At Seance Then Reenacts "Last Scenes Aboard the Titanic" Special Cable Despatch to THE SUN MANCHESTER May 13The Daily Despatch says that it hears that a message was received from William T. Stead who perished on the Titanic through the medium at a seance at Rothesay. The medium who is the...
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    Now I didn't see this one but I thought I would mention it.I saw a book entitled Maiden Tribute By Grace Eckley
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    WT Stead letter

    ATTN: Michael Poirier Michael, I was hoping, that since you are a trustee memmber of TH, I could snail mail a color copy of my Stead letter to TI, and perhaps you could scan it to the TI or ET site? BTW, I also did some trading with Craig Sopin...unfortunately I wanted a unique real-photo...
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    William Stead book question

    Today in the classified was an ad for a book written by William Stead. The title is 'Passion Play Ober Anmergau. Does anyone know anything about this book?
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    Life after Death William T Stead

    Hi all.. I just saw on eBay a book entitled Life After Death 'The Blue Island' written by W.T. Stead after the Titanic disaster. Supposedly he communicated this to his daughter through a gifted medium and that he shared what really happened while Titanic was sinking and what he experienced when...
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    Cairo predicted Steads Death

    Hey I was flipping through the channels and saw something about psychics on the history channel and then they got to the psychic Cairo who was around about a 100 years ago. They were making lists of things that he fortold and one was when W.T. Stead saw him in 1911 he said he would meet peril...
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    Witnesses to events Stead Millet Kent

    Hi Everyone, Three questions concerning the authority of apparant observations made on April 14th. 1. On page 24 of "A nignt to remember" Francis Millet was seen to briefly explain the accident to W.T. Stead, to which the he replied, "well I guess it's nothing serious. I'm going back to my...
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    WT Stead