1 Hour and 33 Minutes — A Time Difference Gone Wrong

Dec 4, 2000
Sam -- I agree with you that the "error" you found is connected to the two -- not one -- CQD positions sent by Titanic. My view of it, though, is that the 1:33 time difference was ex post facto and not done on the day of the sinking. In other words, an artifact created in an attempt to show things in the best light possible, which wasn't easy considering a lost ship and 1,500 souls.

-- David G. Brown
Mar 22, 2003
Chicago, IL, USA
David, Titanic sunk on 15 April 1912. The 1h 33m difference from NY time, or 3h 27m difference from GMT, was born later the say day when Carpathia's Capt. Rostron sent that message to Olympic's Capt. Haddock. No doubt, it came from one of Titanic's surviving officers.
Jan 28, 2003

A fully set back clock would read 11-15 pm...a partially set back one would read 11-39pm and an unaltered clock would read 2 minutes past Midnight.
A crew member who worked days (NO Watches) would set his clock back the full amount before going to sleep so that he would go to work the next day at the proper time.

A passenger would do one of three things:
1. Set his watch back the full amount for the same reason as a crew member.
2. Sit up until midnight...set his watch back for the first partial change then make the full change when the clock read Midnight once again.
3. Re-set his watch by the full amount when the steward called him in the morning.
Or ignore it ...
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