102nd Anniversary TITANIC Events In Southampton UK This April


Robert Neal Marshall

How many members will be visiting Southampton for TITANIC's 102nd Anniversary?

I am the playwright/producer of 41N 50W based on the 1912 TITANIC US Senate Hearings which will open for 10 performances at SeaCity Museum in Southampton April 10th and play through the 19th. There is also the British Titanic Society Annual Convention British Titanic Society Convention 2014 which will be in Southampton 11-13 April with their Open Public day on 12th April. There are also special TITANIC walking tours available through Southampton Tourist Guides Association Titanic Walking Tours 2014.

As members already well know, only days after TITANIC foundered a US Senate Inquiry was held in New York to determine causes of the disaster. In a SeaCity Museum courtroom setting, just blocks from where TITANIC sailed, 41N 50W audiences experience the rare words & stories as spoken on the stand by actual stunned TITANIC survivors, witnesses and closely connected individuals. These true testimonies in 41N 50W paint a chilling image of unfolding events surrounding the disaster. We see the pieces of a puzzle come together as those involved desperately try to find out the truth and struggle to take action. We hope 41N 50W offers something very special as part of the ongoing ceremonies and TITANIC related events.

SeaCity museum, Havelock Road, Southampton is home to a permanent TITANIC exhibit built inside the old Southampton City Hall. 41N 50W will be presented within one of the original courtrooms, adding a special interactive ambiance of the play. Seating offers the unique option of general admission, or premium “First Class” leather chairs in the original Jury box or Magistrate’s desk with an elevated view of the action.

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There has been serious interest in moving the play forward into the main stream and this UK Premiere is a vital stepping stone. Our Producer is the Non-Profit organization Baltimore TheatreWorks, created by Rain Pryor (Daughter of the late comedian Richard Pryor) and Arts Educator Joan Weber. For those interested in being a Producer we have an Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign now entering it's final week. For US Taxpayers all contributions are Tax Deductible. Any help is appreciated. Even if you cannot contribute, please forward this link to friends and associates as merely viewing our site helps keep our "GoGo Factor" high. Check out our video and more info at 41N 50W - New Play UK Premiere: Based on the 1912 TITANIC US Senate Hearings | Indiegogo!

If you're in the United Kingdom, please come see the play and visit the British Titanic Society Convention! Tickets for 41N 50W now on sale via the Nuffield Theatre Box Office 023 8067 1771 or our website 41N 50W - A New Play Based On The 1912 TITANIC US Senate Hearings. Limited capacity, so book early!

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Robert Neal Marshall
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