11 course meal!

Nov 14, 2005
There was The Omega Man in 1971 and of course Soylent Green in 1972. Which was the third? If you are referring to the original The Planet of the Apes, that was made a few years earlier in 1967.

So that I can show that we are still on the topic of this thread, I can say that if First Class passengers enjoying a leisurely 11-course meal on board the Titanic were told the story about people fighting over a tomato or loaf of bread only 110 years later, they would not have believed it.

Come to think of it, several survivors were alive and well in 1972 and some of them might have seen Soylent Green.
Yes I was referring to the original Planet of the Apes movie. My DVD says it was 1968. 3 in a row was an inaccurate statement by me. He did make some tv movies in between and a couple others. When The Omega Man first came out I remember that movie scared the crap out of me. One of my favorite sci-fi flicks. Yes I believe your right about the first class passengers. But I could see many of the 3rd class passengers believing it. Many of those passengers came from and saw some pretty rough times especially some of the immigrants from the middle east regions. But really no different today among society. I have friends who never missed a meal in their lives. They have no clue how bad things are in some parts of the world. Or that things can go belly up in a hurry. Just like some on the Titanic they think things can never sink.

Arun Vajpey

Jul 8, 1999
I don't have that book anymore, Last Dinner..., what was the 11th course?
The 11th course was "Fruit and cheeses". I wonder if there were crackers served with the cheese; if there were, I am sure that they would not have been these:


The secret of Soylent Green sometimes reminded me of Abe Lincoln's Gettysburg speech in which he famously said "Of the people, By the People, For the People".

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