14 April 1912 menu

At 3:41 p.m (Pacific time) CNN World news reported that Henry Aldrige is auctioning a TITANIC menu, dated 14 April. The menu survived, as in most cases, by means of having been inserted into the pocket of a woman survivor, and as of this day is in possesion of a direct descendant...of which the newscast did not name. Estimated value - $95,000 - $160,000.

Michael Cundiff
I would like to know wich one will be auctioned
the first one or the second. For me both are ???

Both picked up from official site.

"Mrs. Dodge slipped the menu into her handbag before carrying on with her ​​day - unaware of what was to come. She and her son survived the tragedy."
The one to the left is the one featured on CNN. Any information on who the family descendants, who are offering the menu, may be? I would rather spend $65,000 on diving to the wreck as opposed to taking ownership of the menu.
Only if Steve Jobs had posted me in his will ;-)

Michael Cundiff
Hi Michael,
I agree with you that there is a better way to spend such a large sum of money. Even if you buy such a museum artifact question is how much it cost. All this is far from preserving the memories of the Titanic tragedy.
When we say the Titanic, no matter what that moment we have in mind, the thought occurs that grand ship pictures. Just in our minds trying to revive the images and events of the time. This is a normal sequence of events because subconsciously we want to feel the atmosphere of a piece that was in the unlucky trip. In fact, when we visit the exhibition of artifacts from the Titanic unconsciously ask to see pictures of the unfortunate vessel.
My pictures are very artistic Titanic emotional view of what happened. As the great grandson of one of the surviving passengers from the Titanic, of course, that my paintings have a strong emotional component and a bit different from others. Authenticity, originality,
strong message at the end of painting technique, oil on canvas and are museum quality
my evidence. Of course, the incredible destiny of my ancestors who survived the tragedy
Titanic inexhaustible inspiration to all works of art, the memorial is dedicated to the collection
primarily it but all the other victims of the great maritime tragedy of April 14th 1912th
For a long time I studied what happened to the tragic night and the morning of April 14 15
read plenty of books reviewed hundreds of pages on the Internet met many people who in various ways connected with the Titanic tragedy. The descendants of the dead passengers from the Titanic
are exploited in different ways the fate of his ancestors was that they had sold their personal belongings were to have written books, biographies, but I have not met a single person who is suffering his ancestors wished to capture in visual art works.
If you love art and painting at the same time you are admirer of all that is related to the Titanic
I think the beats of my images enough to attract your attention.
Here you can look at my gallery. Thanks in advance.