147 minutes of footage Titanic Explorer

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I saw some cut footage on YouTube that you won't find on the SE or DE editions of Titanic released in the USA or and International. Is it really true there are at least 2 hours and 27 minutes of additional footage cut from the film?. For those who have Titanic Explorer, I'm assuming that means a lot of the footage that's not in the DVDs can be found on that CD-ROM? I distinctly remember some scenes of Titanic's sinking from different angels that are not seen in the film that could possibly be found there and some of the earlier trailers released when the movie was suppose to come out and in July of 1997. We'll we ever see the footage on home video release? It's quite a shame Cameron didn't release it or the 3 hour documentary scrapped.
The name of the CD-Rom is "James Camerons Titanic Explorer". There are several shots of the movie, many of them were not used.
So far as I know roughly 3 hours of footage was not used. The Special Edition shows only a few scenes which were cut at the very end. Also they not show the complete cut. For example the scene of the Duff-Gordons in boat No.1. On the CD Rom the scene is longer showing how Sir Duff-Gordon took out his etui with cigars.
Here is the link for Youtube.
I was wanting to know when James Cameron was going to get his virtual Titanic world on the internet? I read about this on an article on ET one night.
That's the first I've heard of the virtual world, so I did some Googling and found this:

""Titanic" will be free and should be ready for beta testing next year, Multiverse co-founder/executive producer Corey Bridges said. "It will enable you to be a passenger and go into the ballroom or boiler room or up to the bridge," he said."

The ballroom? Oh boy. I really hope this isn't one of those what-we-think-the-Titanic-should-have-looked-like things. :-\

For anyone else interested, the full article is available here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/technology/news/e3i0532517b5fc5d6af005a0ac8006987cf
That should give me plenty of time to get my new computer and get rid of the crappy one I have.I have been looking up old Titanic videos on my mother's one on Youtube. I don't really like the 3D simulations that much. I saw a few that were really blurry. I also didn't like the one with fog around the Titanic as it's hitting the berg. That's my opinion on that!!!
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