1860s Shipwreck SS Republic

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Here is my source:

A salvage team has, apparently located the SS Republic, which was lost off the coast of Georgia on October 25, 1865; it was heading to New Orleans, to help with Reconstruction plans, and on board was about 20,000 $20 coins, that are now estimated to be worth $180Million.

According to the article, an ROV unit will be used to scout the site of the wreck, in about 1,700 feet of water.

The cargo of gold may make this one of the richest maritime treasure discoveries in history. Not bad for the two explorers, who have apparently been trying to find the ship for 12 years.

Over the past several News telecast evenings, the salvage expedition has already recovered a significant amount of the gold coins. From the brief photo stills I saw, they appeard to be resting strewn about the wreck in similar condition to the coins recovered from the S.S. Central America.

Michael A. Cundiff
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