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There a program now showing locally (here in San Francisco) titled "1900 House." It's a British program about a family that's living as if it were the year 1900. The wife spends three days out of the week doing the laundry and ironing. They mix up waxes and stuff as lotion for their skin, which has been dried out by the soap crystals. The wife's big treat for the day was taking a bath with some hot water in the tub. The wife is pretty funny to watch. The program should be of interest to Titanic researchers or enthusiasts interested in the day-to-day 1912 lifestyle. It's much more interesting than the program "Survivors," wherein quintessential California casual types eat rat, lose weight, cuss each other out, and otherwise pretend that they know how to rough it on a desert island. Have any of you seen the "1900 House" program? How long is the series?

Ben Dover

Hello Joe

Yes, I've seen this TV series! It was screened on Channel 4 (British TV station) in September '99...

I'm afraid I can't remember how many episodes there were. Maybe about half a dozen to a dozen perhaps...!

Keep a look out for the maid! Also, can't you just imagine how BORING it must of been with no TV...

Lou Kerr


The series is 4 episodes long. I caught the first one and enjoyed it tremendously but missed this Monday because I forgot to set the VCR! I'm sure it will rerun.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'm looking forward to future episodes. The television station here showed the maid in one of the commercial previews. She seems to be a character, too. We'll see.
I live in England, and I watched and taped nearly all, but missed a few of the episodes of the 1900 house. I have atually been to the area where the house is situated(50 Elliscombe road), but not in the house.I could see houses exactly the same as the 1900 house.When I have counted the episodes I have taped I will post another message. You might be interested to know they filmed another series entitled:"1940's House" in April 2000 and it was to give a family a feel of what it was like in the 2nd World War.If you would like any further info. about 1900 house or Titanic feel free to contact me at:
Hope this helps!

Katie Sharrocks

theres a 1910 House being shown in the new year.
I actually tried to get on as did thousands of others. Sadly, my application was turned down

Kimberley Dayle Edwards

Guess what! I phoned up the company that is doing the 1910 house, and found out some more about it!
I asked if she had stopped the applications now, and she said she had, but she said I might as well tell her about our family, now that I was on the phone.
So, I told her all about me and my family, and she got really excited, and told me that we sounded like the ideal family! She said that there was already a family in mind, but seeming as I was so enthusiastic, she would try and fit me in somewhere if she could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know whether anything will come of it, but I might be able to sing on it or something. Oh I am soooooooooo excited!
I am going to e-mail them now, so TTYL!
See ya!
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