1912 Merchant services guild medal

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chris alfieri

Hi. I wonder if anybody can assist me. I have recently purchased a small English 15 carat gold medallion enamelled with the crest of the 'Imperial Merchant Service Guild'. I believe the officers of the Titanic were members of this union? It's hallmarked for Birmingham 1912 and is engraved on the back with the number 570540, also impressed 'Chancellor'.
I've included a picture and thought some one may well have access to the Union's archives..? and the engraved number may give a clue as to it's original owner. I appreciate the hallmark date is probably purely coincidental...but?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

Nigel Hampson

Jun 17, 2000
Hi Chris
A friend of mine sent me this reply to your question - sorry it's taken me ages to get back to you on this !

Hi Nigel,
I posted the question on the BI e-group to which I belong and the answer is that it was a Union in Australia, formally known as the Mercantile Marine Officers Association and was for Deck Officers. It changed its name to the Imperial Merchant Service Guild in 1904 and spread out to other corners of the Empire ( Commonwealth ).
Regards Fred
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