1920's colour film of John Brown's shipyard on BBC2

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Lucy Burkhill

Mar 31, 2006
On BBC2's programme "The Lost World of Friese-Greene", colour film of John Brown's Clydebank shipyard from the mid/late 1920's was shown. It featured a newly-built tanker, a riveter operating a pneumatic rivetting gun, and a section of plating being lifted by crane. The film contrasted with the sad present-day condition of the birthplace of the Lusitania, Aquitania, and the three Queens. I echo the words of the prog's presenter about the "heartbreaking" current state of the yard: the buildings and infrastructure all appear to be obliterated, only the huge crane, derelict and rusting, remains as a memorial to a once-great, legendary shipyard. I was surprised to learn on the programme that the last ship left John Brown's in 1972, I had always thought that shipbuilding had continued until the late 1980's or into the '90's. However, I am certainly no expert on this, there are others on this board who are far more knowledgeable than me.

Did anyone else see the prog?

A video of the entire series can be seen at www.bbc.co.uk/history
I'm sorry this is NOT a link, as I don't know how to do one!

All the best,
Lucy :)
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