1929 Newspaper Clipping Survivor account

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Kyrila Scully

Apr 15, 2001
South Florida
I would like to draw your attention to a new item on Ebay. It's a well-preserved newspaper clipping from a 1929 Cedar Rapids, Iowa tabloid with a large article about a "Titanic Survivor".
Trouble is, the man was never on the Titanic. His name is William "Bill" Baukner, and he claims to have been a First Class Steward. He also claims the night Titanic sank, it was the most beautiful MOONLIGHT he ever saw, and that he saw Mrs. Astor, bleeding from a head wound, go down with her husband when the ship sank. He claims his testimony at the Board of Inquiry was very important to the investigation and that three lifeboats capsized as soon as they hit the water, and yada-yada-yada.
Although the newspaper clipping itself is authentic, the subject is a fraud. See it for yourself on Ebay, Item #1062242203, "Titanic Survivor 1929 Account Original Clip".

All the best,
Sep 26, 1999
There are many accounts over the years of survivors stories and some just are not true. I have one myself that was written in 1932 about Charles Lightoller living on a poor farm in California. We know this simply isn't true. Someone suggested that these imposters did it out of loneliness and the need for attention.
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