1996 Miniseries


Stephen Walker

I agree; the actor playing Ismay did look reasonably like him; oddly enough, this same actor worked with George C. Scott earlier on my favorite adaptation of "A Christmas Carol." He played Fred Hollowell; Scott of course was Ebenezer Scrooge.

Tim Curry did remind me a lot of Snidely Whiplash! Funny you should say that; something made me think of those cartoons today at work!
Antoine-Louis David Lefevre

Antoine-Louis David Lefevre

The Titanic Miniseries was absolutely dreadful. Far too many historical inaccuracies and things that just aren't true whatsoever. Terrible, terrible. And the production was quickly rushed because JC's version was coming out. So notable errors include:

- Showers during the rape scene in the Third Class area, when in fact there were no such things. I believe third class only had one or two bathtubs and that was it.

- Titanic docked at Southampton on its starboard side, which I still don't understand why I didn't just stop the movie right there.

- Molly Brown was nothing like they portrayed her in the film. She was not an oversexed, hillbilly. ( I dunno where that came from.) And she told the press and the end off the film that she was unsinkable. Molly was never referred to as " Molly" until after her death, and history, not she, called her unsinkable.

- CQD did not mean come quickly distress.

- The Allison family was Canadian, no American and the Alice Cleaver that worked for them was not the famed child murderer Alice Mary Cleaver. And she and Trevor boarded Lifeboat No. 11 not Lifeboat No. 7

- The line by John Jacob Astor, " I asked for ice, but this is ridiculous." was not stated by him.

- Joseph Boxhall did not die on the Titanic, in fact he was a technical advisor for the film A Night to Remember

- Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland, not Southampton.

- Lorraine Allison's actress was a little older than Lorraine had actually been. Lorraine was only two at the time of the sinking.

- The organized dancing did NOT exist. And Molly Brown smoking in the Smoking Room was laughable, as no women had been allowed there.

- Captain Smith says the distress rockets should be red, which was false. Also his line, Be British, boys. Be British." is another urban legend.

These are just some of the failures in this movie that I would have given a straight up 0 stars for had I been a reviewer. Such a terrible film. I was embarrassed for the actors and actresses hired for it. Not too mention some of the acting itself was downright horrid.


If you've watched the 1996 Titanic miniseries starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Peter Gallagher, what did you think of it? What was it like in your opinion? For me personally, it was rubbish. The storyline itself was quite interesting, but it could be set in a whole load of other places, why the Titanic ship? Let me explain.

They couldn't get the sets right, it didn't look like Titanic at all. The sets are often dimly lit, so you can't see a thing. The first class dining saloon in the miniseries is located on A-deck and it has no reception room before it; just some arched openings.
What kind of BS is that though? Deckplans were certainly available in 1996 so why place the first class dining area on A-deck, when it was clearly located on D-deck with a reception room before it? Inexcusable.
The layout of the corridors and the staterooms are wrong. The first class corridors look too fancy, and not so dim either. Catherine Zeta Jones' character also asks to be moved to another stateroom and the steward claims all staterooms are full! No, they weren't. Half the Titanic was empty on the real thing.
The Grand Staircase has a chandelier on the top yet there's supposed to be a dome.
Furthermore, there was no laundry, no showers, bar, elaborate tearooms, etc.
I could go on.

If the moviemakers can't try to be as accurate as possible, then don't bother. No point in making a "Titanic" that seems to be completely different to the actual thing. The sets of 1997 Titanic were a lot more accurate and made you feel as if you were on it. The 1996 miniseries made me feel as though I was on some other ship.

All thoughts and ideas welcome!

robert warren

Well some movies are better than others to be sure. Most TV movies on historic subjects generally tend to be more flim flam, budget constraints being one of the biggest reasons.My biggest gripe with this movie was the rape scene,totally unnecessary!!! Mary Lou Henner's Molly Brown was irritating. Why do movies always portray her as a rough hewn country bumpkin??The sets were too dark- all the paneling looked like dark cherry wood. However when compared to sets in previous films these were not horrible. Titanic 1953 and SOS Titanic had dining rooms that were waaay more over the top than real life..The Ritz Hotel in London was used for SOS Titanic's dining room I believe.The 1953 dining room looked like some huge landlocked hotel. At least this one managed to get the single deck height right. ANTR, and JC's Titanic were the only other films to do that.Also this film(along with the aforementioned two) at least attempted to replicate the balustrades and somewhat of the dimensions of the staircase.Again the wood was too dark.However the cherub lamp at the base was actually cuter and more flamboyant than the stiff,head too big for the body,wierd faced one in Cameron's film.The computer effects were not good at all.I said back then that total reliance on computer effects could look just as fake as if they did the film in Claymation.It helps to have a healthy balance of that with models and live action.Of course the glaring shots of the Carpathia arriving in NY during a bright sunny day made my blood boil.How can ANYONE be that inaccurate?? Budget excuses aside for sets, effects, and whatever else, at least get the basic facts right!!! They might as well have had the Titanic sink on Christmas Eve,off the coast of Jamaica, with Shelley Winters at the helm!
Thames LWT

Thames LWT

first time poster. I love Tim Curry usually. He deserved to be in a much better Titanic movie than this!

the age lifting and character assassination of innocent toddler Loraine Allison is sickening. I don't blame the child actress playing her but i do blame the adults involved.