19th century record players gramaphones

Jan 7, 2002
My dream 'private library' in my future home will involve dark paneling, built in book cases, and decor that would make a pure victorian grin.
I have always wanted a late 19th century style gramaphone in my library, which would bear a giant "horn" attachment (nothing Freudian there).

I know very little about these old style gramaphones...anyone here collect them, and know what to look for?
What model should I look for?
Are gramaphones on Ebay usully overpriced?


Tarn Stephanos

Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
>Are gramaphones on Ebay usually overpriced?

Yes. Vinny's Antique Mart in Seekonk had several two weeks ago, so if you ever get down that way they were competitively priced. You will want to subscribe to a hobbiest magazine if you do buy a gramaphone- replacement parts are not easy to come by. Look for one where the play surface is still flat, and the turntable still "tight."

andrew david samuel carragon

for a reproduction one try Gb antiques in lancaster lancs uk i saw some there last week cheap too

Jack Dawson


Funny, I just saw one of those horns off an old gramophone recently. If you're in America you can find old Victrolas and period Edison records. I have an old portable, but I think it dates to about 1920. I'm working on a similar dream; I want to build a Titanic room. Dreams don't die if you believe in them. I'm not sure if you ever built your library, but if you are still on the forum go for it!

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