Question 1st Class, First Class or First-Class? Which was officially used on Titanic?

Which was officially used on Titanic? Was signage and nomenclature for classes listed as 1st Class, First Class or First-Class. Believe I once saw a photo of a sign still in place on the wreck but cannot locate it now.

Please can you help?

Kind regards.


Kate Powell

Hi Richard,

I've always used 'First Class' when writing about rooms and passengers on Titanic myself but I'm not sure that's how it was on the ship in 1912.

I've found this online claiming to be a reproduction of an original Titanic sign so hope this helps. Perhaps someone else has more information, I'd like to know about this too.




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Thanks for that.

There was a photograph from one of the recent expeditions to Titanic that had a photograph of an original sign in situ on the wreck. Damned if I can locate it now.


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I think they used whatever they liked. A handout given to passengers used FIRST CLASS in a heading and First Class elsewhere. See Francis Browne's book. A letter to Browne from a White Star agent used "First Class".

Kate Powell

Sorry, Kate, but the term "Cruise Lines" is not one that would have been used in 1912, and certainly not on Titanic. Be very wary of whatever site you found this on.

Hi Mark,

I suspected the 'Cruise Lines' heading was off but pretty sure the rest of the sign is as it should be.
Also thought that using the number system on signs around the ship was probably the best idea as more passengers would understand 1 for example, as opposed to writing 'one'. Numbers being universal.