1st Class Staterooms Midships Styles


John Atkinson

I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of all staterooms and their decor.

Bedroom A Design: B-55, B-56, B-75, B-76, B-87,B-88,C-59, C-61, C-66, C-68, C-85, C-89, C-92

Bedroom B Design: B-65, B-66, B-71, B-72, B-77, B-78, B-83, B-84, B-89, B-90, B-93, B-94, B-95, B-96, B-97, B-98, C-69, C-71, C-73, C-76, C-78, C-80, C-87, C-94, C-91, C-93, C-98, C-100, C-102

Louis XVI (Sitting Room): B-52

Louis XVI: (Wallpapered) B-58, C-63

Louis XVI (Oak): B-81, C-88

Old Dutch: B-59, C-72

Modern Dutch (Oak): B-57, C-70,

Modern Dutch (Sycamore) B-63, C-74

Adams (Sitting Room): B-51

Adams: C-64, C-90

Louis XV: B-82, C-79

Empire (Wallpapered): B-64, C-67

Empire (Paneled): B-54, C-57, C-83, C-84

Italian Renaissance: B-53, C-82

Queen Anne: B-60, C-65

Louis XIV (Sitting Room): C-62

Louis XIV: B-70, C-75

Late Georgian: B-69, C-77

Early Georgian: C-81, C-86

Regency: C-55