2005 Research Diving Expedition to the Empress of Ireland

Sep 29, 2005
Nautical Research Group, Inc. reported LIVE this past summer from our diving expeditions to the Empress of Ireland. Daily reports on our dive to this "Lost Liner", augmented with history and diving video clips were included from all of the dives and placed on our weblog (blog) at http://shipwreck.blogs.com . The Empress logs from this dive expedition began with a a pre-expedition summary and an exclusive article by noted Empress author, David Zeni on June 20th, 25th, 26th followed by the actual dives from June 27th - July 3rd, and finish with a wrap-up on July 6th - just before our expedition to Titanic. This dive log series will give you the feeling of actually participating on our dives with us in the cold, dark and swift currents of the St. Lawrence. Just remember, we were beaming this information LIVE from the dive site as it was occurring (as we did from Titanic via satellite from Akademik Keldysh)from our basecamp in Rimouski / Ste Luce, Quebec.

The Empress of Ireland, which is sometimes referred to as Canada's Titanic sank on May 29, 1914 in fourteen minutes and claimed over 1100 passenger lives - more than Titanic and Lusitania. You will need the Macromedia Flash 7 plug-in for viewing these videos on your computer. This plug-in can be found within the Shipwrecks weblog on the lower left column.

Additional photos from over 100 dives to the Empress of Ireland can be found on Nautical Research Group's main website at www.nauticalresearch.com at various pages throughout our site.

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