2005 Titanic Historical Society Convention

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John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
To all ET Listmembers who are going to the Titanic Historical Society (THS) Convention, I hope you have a good time, this weekend.

I, myself, am not able to attend; I'm, right now, an inactive THS member. The Conventions, these last three years have occured at times when I have been trying to save up my vacation times (in 2003 and this year, for planned Queen Mary 2 trips) or when I had spent a good deal of time and money, last year, volunteering with one of the Presidential Election Campaigns. Any 2006 Convention may also be doubtful, for me, due to planned Labor Day trip plans.

As I have mentioned on another thread, it will be interesting to see what questions are raised to Robert Ballard, tonight. I hope people won't try and disrupt his speech, and that any questions raised, about P.H. Nargolet's letter, are presented appropriately (i.e. "don't lead the question too much"), and that Doctor Ballard be willing to address those questions.
Not open for further replies.