2011 and Counting Down

May 27, 2007
Well gosh, I can't believe it has almost been a hundred years since the Titanic sank. Yet, here we are at 2011 and the 99th anniversary is coming up pretty quick now as I write this post so I thought I would start this topic to see what folks have planned if anything.

Myself, I will probably be working but I will still light a candle and think on the passengers I know like Rhoda Abbott and her two boys, Sidney and Rossmore. Ruth Becker and Jack Thayer and Lucy Snap too. I will have a nice memento mori of remembrance

I will probably round out the night by reading ANTR by Walter Lord which was the book that introduced me to the RMS Titanic almost 30 years ago.

Anyways, I hope all of you have a safe and happy, plus productive Titanic Anniversary.

Jena Hilston

Apr 15, 2009
I can't believe that's its 99 years now. And 100 years, a FULL CENTURY, next year. Also, next month is 100 years since Titanic's launch date. Truly amazing. It boggles the mind.

I'm spending my night working on Physics homework for college, so sadly, I can't watch any Titanic movies as I would like to. But I will be thinking of her and her passengers. I have a White Star Line hat and a necklace with a piece of Titanic's coal, so I will wear those in remembrance tomorrow when I go out for sure.

Titanic's anniversary is always so sad. But, at the same time, it is a good day/night to sit and think in remembrance of the ship and all the poor souls who lost their lives aboard her, as well as the ones who did survive and had to find the strength to go on after loosing so much.

I haven't read ANTR yet, but I would like to, as the movie based on it is my favorite Titanic movie.

R.I.P. Titanic and it's passengers who lost their lives. May they find the peace they so deserve.

1912-2011 - Titanic still lives on in the hearts of those who remember her. So, as long as we never forget that tragic night, she will survive indefinitely.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I hadn't really planned anything beyond displaying the RMS Titanic pin I recieved from THS on my vest at work to commemorate the anniversery and I will again tommorrow. I expect that any of the really big commemorations and gatherings will be taking place next year.

Alvin Dusaran

Dec 18, 2010

I'd post it here rather than any part of the forum just to pray for the 1200 souls lost on this same day, as well as the memories of survivors.

May all of them rest in peace.

My only wish is respect for the grave yard of the wreck. I wished they would not try to enter the ship with their robotics because i think it add more distraction to the current inside the ship adding to the speed of deterioration.


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Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003
It's now April 16th here in Australia and 99 years ago, the Titanic had just been lost to shock and horror around the world. Like others here, haven't really planned anything for it, will just be looking forward to the massive memorial services which will be held for the centenary next year.

I also heard this morning that the world's oldest man has passed away at the age of 114 - he would have been a teenager when Titanic sank and no doubt would have remembered it well.

R.I.P. Titanic and those who died with her.
May 27, 2007
James M,

>>Now that you mention it George, I might crack open Lord's book and a few others as well.<<

So did you give Lord ANTR a browse through. Thanks for listing the Documentries too. I have Ghosts Of The Abyss

Hi Jenna,

Neither can I.

I think your right Michael.

Thanks Adam and Alvin for your input. I stopped to remember the 1500 hundred souls who perished on the RMS Titanic and lit my candle from 11:45 until 2:20 like I said I was going to in honor of them and President Lincoln.

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
The Bisbee Daily Review, Bisbee, Arizona, U.S.A., 1 June 1911
Original article digitized by the Arizona State Library
Retrieved from the Library of Congress' Chronicling America web site,

BELFAST, May 31---Enthusiastic crowds lined the banks of the River Laffan
and cheered lustily as the White Star Line's great steamer "Titanic" was
launched with appropriate ceremonies this morning.

The "Titanic" will enter the White Star's New York-Southampton service late
in the year, but her sister vessel, "Olympic" steams from Southampton two
weeks hence for New York, and these two sea monsters, each 45,000 tons
register, 883 1-2 feet long and 92 feet broad, boast the distinction of
being the largest and finest vessels in the world.

These massive ships are also notable for the enchanting beauty and the
unusual spaciousness of their passenger accommodations, and in first, second
and third class the greatest comfort is promised. On both steamers swimming
pools, tennis and handball courts and Turkish and electric bath
establishments are among the innovations introduced for the pleasure of the

Viewed in the light of their international commercial importance alone, the
"Olympic" and "Titanic" will accomplish wonders in cementing racial
friendship and thus more surely advance the cause of world wide peace than
could many flying squadrons of frowning dreadnoughts.