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2012 Miniseries

Discussion in 'Titanic Movies on TV' started by mueller, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. mueller

    mueller Member

    I think the reccent Titanic miniseries that aired in april of this year is a movie that would make every person that sailed on the ship, whether they survived or not Turn in their graves knowing that abc was reliving what happened that fateful april night over and over again, and i would like to hear from anyone who has seen this miniseries and tell me what they thought of it
  2. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    I presume you mean the Julian Fellowes series. It's discussed elsewhere on this forum. My own opinion of it is not fit for posting in this genteel company!
  3. Hi. I'm wondering what really Turnbull did after Steerage escape. He was last seen leaving flooded corridor after he told Paolo Sandrini where he can find italians. (Even he firstly told him: Why, are you anxious to join them? but Paolo press him on wall and force him say where they were)

    Before Paolo saw him, he came from corridor. It seems it was corridor which leads to cupboard with italians, suggesting he want make sure they will drown (He also said: They're round that corner, last door at end).

    There are two problems however:

    1. There's no continuity between these scenes (Steerage escape and Turnbull in corridors)

    2. Miniseries used same sets many times and only slightly edited it.

    Can anyone give his opinion on subject? Thank you!
  4. The lack of continuity in Steward Turnbull's timeline shows that for the writers, he was not enough of a main character to have an actual storyline. Instead, he is basically 'a tool' used by Julian Fellowes to advance the storyline of other characters:
    • he advances the plot of Peter Lubov & Jim Maloney by preventing them from reaching the boat deck in time.
    • he advances the plot of Paolo Sandrini by confessing where his brother is, so that Mario can eventually survive.
    I don't see why the recycling of sets becomes a problem.

    In the end, I think creating a fanmade storyline around Steward Turnbull is unachievable.
  5. 1. Was Ismay portrayed as racist toward italians?

    He said that they are ''excitable breed and politically unstable''.

    When ship is sinking and italians are held back by Moody, Ismay came and said: ''Well, we can't allow this sort of racket to go.''

    They are then locked up in storage cupboard below deck.

    2. I wonder where Fellowes take this nonsence. Real Ismay had nothing to do with them, as far I know.

    Any thoughts?
  6. Arun Vajpey

    Arun Vajpey Member

    I think in 1912 there was some degree of condescending attitude by northern Europeans (British, Germans, Scandinavians) towards those from the Mediterranean countries. August Wennestrom is supposed to have made such a remark while expressing his annoyance about how a certain group of passengers just sat around and prayed, never trying to help themselves as the ship sank beneath them. Such remarks were probably commonplace in general society and accepted as such. It is now politically incorrect to stereotype any group of people but I have a feeling that in the privacy of our homes all of us make certain comments about the "others" that would not be acceptable in public.
  7. What happen with Moody in 2012? He was last seen being trampled by escaping Third Class Passengers.

    I know that the real Moody was last seen at Collapsible A. But we never see 2012 Moody after this scene. And Collapsible A is not in the miniseries.

    So did he drowned in the steerage?
  8. Martin Tyne

    Martin Tyne Member

    Probably. Julian Fellows (the writer for the show) twisted reality so much, it would't be surprising if he was written into being stuck deep in 3rd Class instead of at / near the bridge.

    (see Paul Lee example: http://www.paullee.com/titanic/jf2012goofs.html which the real Matthew Bowyer helped on!)
  9. I helped him but he didn't knew me under my real name. Matthew Bowyer Fan is just my nickname (Named after actor who played in Pirates of the Caribbean).
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  10. Is Steward Turnbull (John Kazek) laughing, here?