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Alessandro Del Gobbo

Hi all,
I'm looking for Titanic (or Olympic) plans of accomodations, but now I've only found 1st class.
Does anyone know if plans of 2nd and 3rd class arrangements exist? Where can I download them? Or in what book are they?

Thanks a lot

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Jul 20, 2000
Hi Alessandro,

If you are talking about detailed plans (that show how the rooms were furnished) then I do not know of any; but for more general plans you can look on this web-site; or look at Eaton & Haas': Titanic Triumph and Tragedy.

Some copies of Walter Lord's: A Night to Remember; have plans from the Olympic; which will also give a general overview. On Titanic some of what had been 2nd Class was now 1st Class and the open spaces for 3rd Class were now closed rooms.

Hope this helps,

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