2nd Class Cabin Colour Schemes

Richard Otter

Mar 5, 2005
I am in the process of writing an adventure game (which is known these days as Interactive Fiction or IF) based on the Titanic, although it is not about the great ship directly. I am basing the game in the 2nd class areas of the ship with some crew areas included as necessary, such as the post office and mail sorting room. One thing I am still not sure about is the colour schemes used in the 2nd cabins. Could someone tell what scheme was used? And was it the same for all the 2nd class cabins?
Dec 7, 2000

So far, with the surviving evidence, we know that the 2nd class cabins were either green and white tiles, or red and white. Otherwise all the furniture and decorations of the rooms were the same.

Aug 29, 2005
All through my time with titanic and it's hold on me the one area that i have been most fascinated by would be it's second class passangers and areas. Where would you suggest that i look for some of this information. If any of you are familiar with this and would want to chat through aim or another medium do not hesitate to private message me your aim name and we can talk through that medium.

I am planning on doing a powerpoint on this information if anything just for the fun of it and to make it interesting. I will be willing to share as i make it.

Thanks in advance for your help as i journey through to second class...

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