2nd Class fares

Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

Mike, if you go to the passenger listings on the index page, click on 2cnd class, then click on High Detail in the upper right hand corner. You'll get the information on what each passenger paid.

Lester Mitcham

Mike to what Michael has advised I would add that the advertized fare was 13 pounds per berth. 13 pounds 10/- for the outside rooms on D-deck. I understand children were half fare.

Melinda Laura Varju

Does anyone know how much in today's money a second class ticket cost? (You can give the amount in EU, or pounds, or USD.) The ones that were 13 pounds?

Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

>>13 pounds = $65 US = $1,356.77 in 2006.<<

Isn't inflation wonderful? Wait long enough and you can see your cash turn into trash!

Doni McLerran

I always figured I would have fit in best with the second-class passengers. I sort of see them as just the plain ol' regular working class, like me.

But honestly, on my budget, I'd still likely have gotten stuck in steerage!

Bob Godfrey

2nd Class was mainly patronised by the middle classes - professional people, civil servants, clergymen, owners of small businesses etc. It didn't cost a great deal more than 3rd - around £5, which was a month's wages for a skilled man. So there was a sprinkling of working class people travelling in '2nd Cabin', but most were more careful with their money and opted for 3rd Class, which on the Titanic was pretty good. There was no traditional steerage accommodation on the ship.