2nd class halls and 3rd class aft well deck


Daniel Odysseus

I have two questions...

1) What did the second-class hallways look like? I know first had white panelling, with gold rails, and linoleum (possibly carpeting) and third had plain floors and plain walls, but what did second have? Did they look more like first or third, or with a unique look of their own?

2) How were third-class passengers, during the sinking, stopped from going from the aft well deck to the upper decks? In pictures, it looks as if there's only a waist-high gate and rail... Shouldn't people be able to crawl over that even if the gates were locked?

If you can give me any bit of information, I'll be really happy!


Daniel Odysseus

Nigel Bryant

Aug 1, 2010
Wellington, New Zealand
Dear Daniel,

On E.T there was recent discusion about the corridors on Olympic & Titanic. Here is the thread at this link:

http://www.encyclope dia-titanica.org/dis cus/messages/5919/90 12.html?1014439101

Regarding your second question I saw in a clip in James Cameron's Titanic Explorer that was deleted from Cameron's film of a crew memeber on the starboard side at a gate on B-deck holding back the serge of third-class passengers. I don't know how historical accuate this scene is, hopeful someone here will be able to give you more information regarding this. I think there was an acount of a stweward helping third-class passengers but I can't remeber if he lead the passengers down through the second-class enclosed deck on C-deck or he took the stairs up to B-deck and went up the second-class stairway. As I said before hopefully some who knows more about this can drop in a line.

All the best,

Dec 6, 2000
Hi Nigel,

Steward John Hart is said to have taken his first group ...across the open well deck ... by the second class libray and into first-class ..... by the surgeon's office, the private saloon for the maids and valets .... finally up the grand stairway ...

Whether or not he did so is not the subject of some debate. - See: John Edward Hart: Dubious Hero by David Gleicher.

For Hart to have taken that route the starboard-side door from the after well deck into 2nd Class would have had to have been open or opened for him. Were those doors [port and starboard] ever open?

As an added note ANTR contains a comment about a rope being stretched across the after well deck.

Dec 7, 2000
Actually none of the corridors had any railings at all! The Cameron movie was quite wrong in showing railings in corridors. I've read an Olympic passenger mention that there were no railings in the corridors. I'm sure Titanic was the same.


Daniel Odysseus


Also, has anyone played Titanic: Adventure Out of Time? Because the corridors looked terribly wrong in that game from other accounts I've seen...

Also, another question of where the Cameron movie was wrong... In the movie, they show Ruth and other rich people in the reception, with light brown wicker chairs with salmon-colored cushions... But in the Adventure Out of Time game AND in most drawings of Titanic I've seen, the chairs look like they are white with red cushions, not light brown with salmon cushions... Which one is right? I'm leaning against the Cameron movie, though, but could someone clarify it for me?
Dec 7, 2000
Unless someone mentioned the color in an account, we may never know. The color schemes for the Reception room aboard Olympic and Titanic could very well have been different. An early color depiction of this room for Olympic shows light green cushions. As ugly as these colors look and sound, they may well not have been the colors eventually used. If they were perhaps Titanic's chairs were also green, on the other hand perhaps not. It is very hard to to tell, and as I said, we may never know.

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