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Neil Hesketh

My Dad (born 1919) used to refer to 2nd Engineer Hesketh as his uncle. My dad's sister (now in her 80's) tells me he was really a cousin of their father-another Harry Hesketh who lived in the Walton area of Liverpool and was an engine driver.I have seen the small display of Henry's bible and effects at the Liverpool Maritime Museum and I would love to hear of any surviving relatives please.
To Neil and all: Just three hours ago I was visiting another antigue/dealer/friend of mine, he says "Oh Mike I have been waiting for you to come in". Out of his safe-keeping area he pulled out a cabinet photo measuring 6 1/2 x 4 1/2. I exclaimed "Oh my God", as I recognized the pictured individual immediately...James H. Hesketh. The item is in great condition and penciled on the reverse is as follows; Helen Tufford at top, in the middle 2nd Eng. James H. Hesketh May 1 1905. On the botton back is written Uncle James died at his post on the Titanic April 15 1912. A mnfg. stamp is in purple on the reverse: 84, Kirkdale E.J. Pritchett Sydenham.

The photo was aquired by my friend who also aquired the gentleman's Civil War collection.
Appartantly the man from Canada also collected Titanic. My price very resoanable!

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I failed to note...that however I have never seen an image of James H. Hesketh, I feel it was a *Titanic sixth sense* that allowed my recognition of the individual pictured. And, BTW, the image depicted of Hesketh is of a young man, in uniform, w/hat and crest, arms held proudly folded abreast...perhaps during his tenure with Majestic?

I remain feeling blessed,

Michael Cundiff
ATTN: Mr. Brian Ticehurst -

After diligently searching the web for an image of Hesketh...nothing realized. So in a second-step, I was hoping, with your supreme passenger & crew knowledge, you might provide information of a named Niece of Hesketh's? The pencil writing on reverse..."Uncle James"...appears that of a younger person.
Thanking you in advance Sir...

Michael Cundiff
This is the best I can do. Any resemblance?

Oh Bob...thank you Sir..a striking resemblance!
And may I ask your source of the image? Also is there an image of his bible which is on display at museum in England? In my cabinet photo, Hesketh is attired in a back cap with burgee & black coat...same as above. And the name James, disputed in previous posts, long ago, and portrayed by Walter Lord in ANTR, may in fact be correct...

Michael Cundiff
ADDENDUM: In all my excitement (I am at the public library currently), I may have to double check, however my image appears of an dark haired gentleman...still same stern look of face.
In my image Hesketh appears more handsome. What is the date of your image? A list member may jump in and acclaim yours is not Hesketh? I have no doubt in the provenance of my photo...:)

Michael Cundiff
Can't offer any verification or primary source, Michael. I think this was from one of those victim galleries of tiny photos printed in British newspapers back in 1912. That was at a time when all sorts of misinformation was in circulation, so I wouldn't bet money that they'd got it right!

I've have a copy of the same photo of Hesketh as posted by Bob. It was from an on-line article about the engineers on board Titanic. Biographies of all the engineers and photos of C/E Bell and all 2nd and assistant 2nd engineers were included in the article. Unfortunately, the link to the site with this information no longer works. The original source of the photos and the biographies in the article were not identified.
Bob & Samuel: I showed a friend the two images of said Hesketh...she said yes without a doubt the same gentleman. My opinion upon comparison? The long cheekbones are the same as well as the nose. However, the image that Bob provided, the gentleman seems older. Remembering that, my image is dated 1910, which would have made Hesketh 30 yrs. old, as some sources aged him at 32 while others aged him 33 at the time of his demise. As I reported, my image seems to portray a much more handsome man.

I am going to provide an image to ET as soon as I am able. I may require a larger image of Bob's contribution, to perhaps perform a *forensic* overlay via superimposed images.

Albeit, my parents good friend was first named
John, he was often referred to as Jack. Hence John & James?

Any ideas on a Mary Tufford?

Michael Cundiff
Michael, I'd say that the man in the photo above is certainly young, no older than early 30s. And it's nothing unusual for the camera to be generous on one occasion and less so on another - a slight change of expression, angle or lighting can make all the difference.

Though not so common now, the name Jack has always been a diminutive of John. Like Henry and Harry. I had a great grandfather, grandfather and two uncles all known as Jack but with the given name John. There is no such tradition linking the names John and James.
Morning Mike C - flattery will get you everywhere.
Here is my Obit on Mr. Hesketh:
Hesketh, James H. Lived at 80 Garrett Avenue, Liverpool. Occupation - Junior 2nd Engineer. 32 years old. (Born in Liverpool).
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 120. Hesketh, Mrs. mother. Hesketh, two sisters. All class A dependants.
MR J. H. Hesketh entered the service of the White Star Company as engineer apprentice at fourteen years of age, and began his sea-going career as sixth engineer on the Afric. He also saw service on the Cedric, Medic, Persic and Ceufic, and was employed in connection with the salvage of the Suevic. While on board the Majestic he had charge of the refrigerating machinery and was instrumental in securing a greatly improved quality of cargoes. He was selected for service on the Laurentic, and later on the Olympic and made some useful suggestions for the machinery spaces in the Titanic. He was acting as one of the three second engineers on board the Titanic his confreres being Messrs Farquharson and Harrison. Mr. Hesketh was the youngest acting second engineer in the White Star Line and was a fine steady level-headed man. His last words as he left his home to join his ship were, ''Don't fear for me, this ship is unsinkable''. He was thirty-three years of age, unmarried, and had his residence, when at home, with his father and mother at Walton, Liverpool.
Named on the magnificent Engineer's Memorial in East Park, Southampton.
also named on the Glasgow Institute of Marine Engineers memorial.
also remembered on the London, Institute of Marine Engineers memorial.
also remembered on the Liverpool Titanic and Engineers memorial.
also there is a brass memorial plaque in the church of St. Faithful, Crosby, Liverpool, to the memory of the Chief Engineer and his Engine Room staff. .
Probate Report: Hesketh, John Henry of Garnett Avenue, Kirkdale, Liverpool. Ships engineer. Administration, Liverpool 8th July 1912 to Henry Hesketh, engine driver. Effects. £447.10.0d.

My photo of him is the same as the one that Bob has posted.
My photo and most of the Obit comes from 'Engineers of the Titanic (The). Memorial Booklet. One copy. 1912 original. Published by Institute. of Marine Engineers.
This booklet was reprinted first by the THS in the 1980's? and then in 1992 by the Institute of Engineers in London.
There is a photograph and Obituary of every Titanic engineer and officer in them.
I have never come across the Name of the Niece you mention but they are probably daughters of the two sisters mentioned above in the Relief Fund bit.
I hope that helps?
Next question?
Cheers Brian
I was going to try to post a photo but as mine is the same as Bobs its not worth it is it?
Thank you Brian Ticehurst for your, very detailed page. And Bob, I think you are correct about the angle and lighting. The great thing about the caibnet era photos, I understand that silver nitrate was used in exposing the negative, therefore allowing a very detailed & clear, sepia toned image. I am certain they are one-in-the-same individual.

Michael Cundiff
I viewed ANTR for the umpteenth time just last night. It was great to see Thomas Andrews along with 2nd officer Hesketh inspecting the boiler room, upon a stoker's reply..."She's a beautiful job Mr. Andrews!", Andrews turned to
Hesketh and voiced..."Thanks Hesketh".

Even before I aquired the Hesketh cabinet photo, that particular scene in ANTR was a favorite.

So, if all goes well, I am going to my Sister's house tomorrow, a quaint 30 miles from my home, for a delayed family Thanksgiving dinner. At that time, my Mother will upload the Hesketh photo to our ET forum.

Michael Cundiff
I wrote - "If all goes well..."

Unfortunately my Sister took ill, no family gathering for turkey. I hope it's not the H1 N1 flu. So, tomorrow I will visit my friends Antique store, and have him upload the image... considering he's not in such a bad moood! Ever since the collapse of the economy Antique sales have been down.

Boo hoo! No turkey for me this year. :-(

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