2nd Engineer Hesketh

Chris, you won't find many here who don't support you. Most of us believe that the man in question was indeed called John and that the name James was used in error on a number of documentary sources back in 1912 and in others since.

I can't offer any theories about the identity of the man in Michael's photo, but I would suggest that there might be clues in the uniform and cap badge. As far as I know Hesketh's career as an officer was entirely with the White Star Line (see Brian's post above), but is the man in Michael's photo wearing a WSL uniform and cap? I think not - the cap badge and arrangement of tunic buttons are quite different.

Chris, can you please confirm whether or not the other small photo I posted earlier in this thread is John Hesketh? He's certainly wearing the right uniform!
I beg to differ, and I was happy to read Deborah Obrien's last post...*...the similarites are uncanny if the photo turns out to to be him". A photo of her nanna's...not in uniform and much younger. I am drafting a letter To: Ms. Obrien as we speak...I will be more than pleased to share an image of the reverse with her at this time. So let's find out were J.H. Hesketh was in 1905...

Michael Cundiff
For the record...Find a Grave website has no Hesketh's whatsoever, so Chris's stating that the same photo of mine was seen on the f~~ site, but edited, owing to family matters...I just find that hard to believe, understanding that my all-time favorite Baseball star, Roberto Clemente, has a page on f~~...and too his body was never recovered.
So, show me something tangible regarding this f~~ Hesketh page...

Michael Cundiff
Bob, the photo uploaded by you on 29 Oct 09 was also used by The Institute of Marine Engineers Guild of Benevolence in their commemorative brochure published in 1992.
I think we can safely assume it’s Engineer Hesketh!

Regarding Michael’s photo, once again referring to the above mentioned brochure which is a tribute to the engineering staff, the cap badge does not look like that of an engineer with WSL.
Note that Michael's photo is also there (see 'photos' tab). And that one also is said to be sourced from the Hesketh family.
Thank You Bob, I did attempt in vain to find the image. I'll print a color copy of the *front only* image and compare it to mine, which is currently in safe-deposit.
Too bad the donor did not show an image of the reverse.
So, if the image is not Hesketh...as Deborah said the similaritys, are yes,...uncanny! But, I thought Chris said the image was removed from the site?

Michael Cundiff
And so...my apologies to Chris. However, like Deborah stated, it looks to be a younger Hesketh. It will be great to find out where Hesketh was in 1905? Or...perhaps a forensic detective is needed ;-)

Michael Cundiff
I've just looked at the findagrave link sent by Bob and I see that the Sydenham photograph is still there. I was assured that it would be removed so I'll be contacting the site owner again.

I think my cousin Deborah is possibly not aware that our grandmother contacted Walter Lord shortly after 'A Night to Remember' was first published. She maintained that he promised to correct the name when the book was reprinted. This didn't happen. For the last 15 years I've been contacting websites who have him listed as James because it's the least and the only thing I can do for him. I just feel he deserves to be known by his correct name. As you may have gathered, I do get very fed up sometimes.

As soon as I knew the Sydenham photograph had James Hesketh written on it, I was 100% confident that it wasn't Engineer Hesketh. As for similarities, this can be deceptive and it's not enough to prove anything.
This is where it gets weird...I made it to my safe-deposit box in time, and lo and behold, my photograph is the one pictured on the f~~ site. The Hesketh cabinet photo therefore made it from the Sydenham family in England, to a collector in Cananda (He collected Civil War & Titanic)), and onto my recently deceased Antique (Carson Art & Antiques) proprieter, who purchased the image exclusively for me :) So, I have decided to *share* the front and back on my Facebokk page tomorrow. I still feel it is a younger Hesketh, could he be dressed in an apprentice attire? The facial features are *twin-like* if it is not J.H. Hesketh.

Michael Cundiff
When sharing on your facebook page, I hope you will also include the information about the names written on the back so that people can make an informed decision about who this may or may not be. You have answered the question about why this sort of misinformation occurs, because more often than not, money changes hands. Then, of course, people feel the need to protect their investment.

I've checked the 1901 and the 1911 census and there are no Heskeths in the county of Kent at all, no Hesketh events at local churches. In short, no Hesketh family of Sydenham - they're an invention. I like the inclusion of the word 'Kirkdale', that's another clue that this has been cobbled together by someone who believed at the time that the name was James and, perhaps from the newspaper, knew about our family connection to Kirkdale, in Liverpool.

Herb of f~~ was very vague about who had sent him the photograph and, frankly, I'm not surprised! I repeat, I am used to this. I also appreciate Bob's comments and I know that serious researchers do know that the name James was an error.

Speaking of the above census, Engineer Hesketh was at home in Kirkdale, Lancashire, for both of them. In the 1911 census the family are at 80 Garnett Avenue, Kirkdale, which is the address that appears on his probate records. In both census, he is recorded as John Henry.
After looking through the photos tab on that find a grave link I see that the Titanic left Liverpool on April 10th! And to think all these years i had been led to believe it left Southampton ;-)With simple facts like this being wrong, it doesn't inspire confidence into the accuracy of the photo identification.
The photo below of John Henry Hesketh is taken from the Engineers booklet mentioned previously by Brian Ticehurst.

The Hesketh cabinet photo *front & back* was just added to my Facebook page...along with an early color copy of a baggage tag from Lusitania...just for fun ;-)

My Antique store friend was a little busy today, but there should be no problem discerning the back...just enlarge the image. BTW, his wife is from Germany I showed her the White Star Line image alonside my cabinet photo she replied..."It looks to be same individual, just at a younger age".

Michael Cundiff
Thanks David, I tried to upload that photo the other night without success!

I have a poor quality photocopy of a larger version of this picture in which you can see the whole jacket, there are 3 bands on the cuff. The original photograph was in a poor state because it was kept in a bag or purse and carried around.

The Engineers booklet is still available from the Institute of Marine Engineers. They've brought out another booklet to mark the centenary.
Chris, when you say they've brought out another booklet for the centenary, do you mean a reprint of the original, or a completely new piece of literature?