2nd Officer Stone's Interrogation.

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Sep 23, 2017
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I very hesitantly post on here over all this as I've got Sam's new book 'Strangers on the Horizon', which Mila hasn't got.

A couple of years ago on another thread which we must not mention (!) I suggested a good reason why Stewart would claim he saw a yellow funneled steamer at day break, instead of Carpathia which he had seen with Stone in the dark an hour or so previously.

I can now see the logic of Sam's analysis in his book, and am persuaded by it, and it would be wrong of Sam to tell all on here - you must buy the book for yourselves. But there remains for me a niggling doubt as to whether Stewart was telling the truth.

We cannot prove that Stewart lied over this, but to my mind there are enough inconsistencies in his testimony to cast doubt over whether he was 100% truthful. There are a number of obvious illustrations of this; he had quoted back to him a large chunk of his wreck commisioners' statement when he departed from it, and also what was claimed was said to Evans when woken up, and then controversially we have all the stuff about the scrap log.

Sam knows my views on all this, and they are private (and expressed when frankly I was floundering around over all this, and 'green' and new to all this), and in no way detract from the conclusions in his new book.


Nov 14, 2005
Not sure what events you remember, but It is clear what happened with Lord and Stewart. They saw a steamer before the sunrise. Stewart first noticed her at 4 a.m, and Lord at 4:30 a.m. Later, when the sun rose they noticed the color of the funnel. Of course, when asked about the steamer they describe the steamer as a yellow funnel steamer (their last impression), and yet both Lord and Stewart said they saw the color after the sun was up, at daylight.
After I posted that comment I got to thinking maybe that wasn't a good example because I used how my brain works. Everybody is different. That event is off topic so I wont go into other than to say it was the night President Kennedy was killed. I remember the whole scene of how it played out in our house down to the craziest little details.


Feb 19, 2019
For the record, Carpathia did not have a yellow funnel. It had a red funnel. Lord and Stewart both mentioned a yellow funnel steamer about 5 o'clock.

Mr. LORD. Not the faintest. At daylight we saw a yellow-funnel steamer on the southwest of us, beyond where this man had left, about 8 miles away.

6963. Do you remember just before 5 o’clock a conversation with your chief officer? - [Lord] I do.
6964. About the steamer? - About this, which he said was a yellow-funneled steamer.

In his 1959 affidavit, Lord wrote:
"However, as daylight came in I could see clear water to the west of the ice field so put the engines on stand-by at about 5.15 a.m.
About this time the Chief Officer remarked that the steamer bearing SSE from us was a four-master with a yellow funnel and asked me whether I intended going to have a look at her. When I asked him why, he replied that she might have lost her rudder."

8905. Is it in your mind at all that it was the “Carpathia” you saw? - [Stewart] No; I thought it was a yellow funnel boat when the sun was up.

When the sun came up (about 5:30) he was with Evans. That was the time they were working the Frankfurt who gave them the same news given to them by Mount Temple earlier.
BTW, Sam, I forgot to tell you that I did read some chapters (the ones that were of interest to me) of your last book In full.
However, so far I said nothing about the book. After all you expressed the same version of the events in pages freely available at your site here http://www.titanicology.com/Californian/The_Almerian_and_the_Mount_Temple.pdf

I hope you would agree, Sam, that If Stewart ever wanted to lie about seeing the Carpathia, he would not have mentioned seeing her at 4 a.m. and at 4:30 am. I mean why to mention this steamer they saw at 4 a.m. in the first place.
Besides, if Stewart and Lord wanted to lie why in the world they said the color was yellow. Yellow is too close to the color of Carpathia’s funnel as the author of this piece https://static1.squarespace.com/sta...d/1493016130807/Dyer-Mystery-Ship-article.pdf correctly noticed:

“But anyone who has been to sea knows that, in the pale light of dawn, at such a distance, it would be very difficult to be certain about the colour of a tall, narrow funnel. Catching the light of the rising sun, it may well have looked golden. Ken Marschall, the Titanic artist known for his meticulous attention to detail, certainly does not give the rescue ship a bright red funnel in his painting of the rescue: in the dawn light the funnel looks a yellowy-orange.”
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